PF Impact Crusher

PF Impact Crusher

Model: PF Series Impact Crusher

Feed size: 250-500mm

Production capacity: 50-220T/h

Application: Mines, cement, chemicals, highways, railways and other industries;

Material: Limestone, dolomite, shale, sandstone, coal, asbestos, graphite and halite;

Features: Large crushing ratio, less energy consumption, large production capacity and uniform particle size;

impact crusher animation

Working Principle

When the impact crusher is working, the motor drives the rotor to rotate at high speed. The material into the plate hammer function area, and the impact of the rotor plate hammer broken, and then thrown to the back device broken again, and then board the bomb on the back plate hammer area again broken from the back lining, this process is repeated, the materials from large to small in one or two and three counter re crushing cavity. Until the material is crushed to the required size, discharged from the discharge port.

Specific running route of material

The stone fell into the high-speed rotating wheel directly from the upper part of the machine; at high speed under the action of centrifugal force, and another part by way of diversion in the turntable umbrella flying around the stone to produce high speed impact and high density of crushed stone in the fight against each other, will form a vortex motion between the turntable and the chassis caused by repeatedly hit each other, friction, crushing, direct discharge from the bottom.

Impact Crusher Animation Impact Crusher Rotor

Impact Crusher Wear Part--Rotor

The impact crusher wear parts consists of frame, breaker plate and rotor. Rotor, as one of the important rotating parts, plays a key role in the operation of the impact crusher. The impact crusher can be divided into single rotor and double rotor according to its structural characteristics. The single rotor impact crusher mainly uses the hammer to do the crushing from bottom to top, The diameter of the rotor has a direct impact on the particle size of the material discharge; The double rotor impact crusher uses two rotors to collide with each other when they are thrown out of the material.