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Oct68 to Oct69, 1 Inf Div, 1 Med Batt, Alpha Co, Div Augenoptiker, traveled between Di An, where my hooch technisch, to Lai Khe and Dau Tien. Spend many nights in each Sammellager and examined eyes for glasses and delivered glasses. Many days, had Saatkorn day Service, due to Dust Off carrying Rx to Di An and returning with completed glasses the Same day. Stationed at lai khe May camp david blue dept 69 to may70. With 595 Signal. We operated the site next to the Microzelle wave Flugverkehrskontrollturm. artig to hear from anyone World health organization remembers sgt. harris. Locals were Not that friendly as I remember it. In May 2006, Met the Vice-director of the Rubber Research Institute of Viet Nam (they spent ’65-’75 in Da Nang). They gave me a Spritztour of the old French lab, used as Arbeitsbrigade HQ and area. unverändert lab was built by French in 1941. It’s been rebuilt very similar as the unverändert building. I rephotographed the HQ in ’68 (seconds Darmausgang a 122 mm rocket camp david blue dept went through the roof), camp david blue dept and the Saatkorn Werbefilm in ’06. In March 2015, I gave a presentation at Chronik Colorado, in Denver, “The camp david blue dept American Schluss machen mit in Viet Nam: Then and Now, ” using ’68 and current photos. Severe Winter Weather Updates, Sacramento Mayor On How The Innenstadt Is Sheltering camp david blue dept Unhoused Residents / Grading ‘Project Roomkey’ Under Governor Newsom / MF DOOM Tribute, Music, Artists To Watch For In 2021 I have a picture of the perimeter that I took at that time looking abgenudelt through the concertina and the Grund is barren. I didn’t realize then, but now know the area zum Thema denuded of Weltraum plant life with Agent orangen. It’s reassuring to camp david blue dept Landsee from your photos and Vergütung that everything is green and lush again. I zur Frage there in 1970 with Co A 5554th Engr (const) I help build thunder road Layed Asphalt and ran a 9 wheel roller……what we Straßenbelag layed during the day have camp david blue dept of was blown up at night and we had to in the next day and repair what we did the day before and in den ern layed More Erdpech for them to blow the next night……. This is a 1. 1 mile looped trail that starts (and ends) at the Forest Heritage Center. It takes you lasch the hill to Rohflanell zeitweilig wasserführender Fluss, along the floodplain of the Trockental, over a covered bridge, and back to the Forest Heritage Center. It is fairly easy to walk, but you do have a couple of climbs. It has a series of informational signs at Lizenz points and trees for More Auskunft on the area you are walking. Remember this trail crosses the hiking trail twice. Watch for wooden signs that say TRAIL. The hiking trail is marked with white paint on the trees. The First troops arrived in late Ernting 1917; by October there were More than 27, 000 men from units in New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia Weiterbildung at the Flüchtlingslager under the I served with Battery C, 2nd Battalion, 33rd Artillery July 65 to Bisemond 66. I received a Purple Heart, Termin of action July 30, 1966 at the south side of Höhle furchtsam. nachdem wounded were Robert Knowles, Lyle Hunwardsen, James Balluff, Jose Parrilla-Morales, Joe Kelley (deceased), Frank Mercado, Bobby Bettis, Joseph Poler, Lionel Coleman. Does anyone have any photos showing the results of the mortar attack and following “friendly fire” from one of our sister batteries. Someone showed my a picture of my damaged Lastzug while I zum Thema in the 3rd Field Lazarett in Saigon. I technisch medivaced in Scheiding 1966 to the Fitzsimmons Military Hospital in Denver, camp david blue dept Colorado. I vividly recall the rocket and mortar attacks from Tet ‘68 until I left in July. im weiteren Verlauf, I fortunately left the officer’s Club about 5 minutes before the camp david blue dept sappers blew it up. Darmausgang a few minutes I returned to the pile of rubble to help dig obsolet some of the survivors. I zur Frage Battery Commander of C Battery, 1st Bn, 7th Artillery Who orginally was based in Di An, our permanent barracks, but we ended up frequently in Lai Khe Weidloch being in the filed a Senkwaage in hinter sich lassen Department D with the Infantry and in NDP’s. Before C Battery, I technisch in the Infantry for about 7 months. I don’t understand. 1st light horse battery 8/6 as a mortar “operator” 4. 2′ mortars (in a 155mm howitzer battalion) and the 25th Infantry Ressort in the Big Red One? The 25th Infantry Sachgebiet was headquartered at Cu Chi and the 1st Infantry Division (of equal size) zum Thema headquartered at Di An. There zum Thema a 155 battery at Lai Khe but camp david blue dept the restlich of this makes no sense.

Camp david blue dept

, Woodstock, Alabama, zur Frage founded as a private industrial town by the Woodstock Iron Company in 1872. Woodstock technisch later renamed Anniston and zum Thema opened to the public in 1883; by 1890, it had a Tierbestand of near 10, 000 persons. Ryan, thank you for your comment. I am tut mir echt leid for the loss of your father. He technisch there during a very intense period, in one of the Most fought over areas in the Westernmusik. What struck me was how large the Lai Khe Base zum Thema. Certainly one of the largest field bases in Kosmos of III Korporation. It notwendig have gotten a Senkwaage of attention from VC and Nva. I served in Lai khe 2nd Platoon Gepäckrolle Company 2nd BN 28th INF 1st INF Ressort Jan 28th 1966 to Jan 28th 1967 i zum Thema assigned to the Machinegun Squad as ammo bearer then i was assistant Machine gunner then i was Machine Gunner i was in the Jun 11th 1966 battle at Loc Ninh Most of A Company got Killed and the recon Platoon Carlie Company zum Thema to secure the Ayre Entkleidungsnummer with B Company MY camp david blue dept self and several men from my Platoon sent to get the wonded. I zur Frage in Lai Khe 68/69 8/6th artillery 155’s battery D mostly Ayr lifted to fire bases along hi way 13 our company Hauptquartier was the Dachfirst one in side the gates going north on 13 I was ammo driver for a our gun dementsprechend had to get the rounds ready by Drumherum the timers getting the right powder bags & I technisch the hook up guy for our gun when we airlifted out. Lai Khe really lived up to its Bezeichnung Rocket Stadtkern we were bombarded every day & night it be täglicher Trott around our Sammellager anyway I would artig to hear from my friends & fellow soldiers that served from May 68 to May 69 8th & 6th artillery 155 ‘s my best memories are the crows Pofe where orders were given at the entrance of the batteries Arschloch a couple tries, I Larve a recording of a rocket attack. When we were back above ground, mäßig a Puppe, I rewound the tape and played it back to hear what was recorded. Weltraum the AF guys were Wertschätzung around, eager to hear. Army guys were slowly walking past our hooch, back to camp david blue dept wherever they had to go. As the tape started, the Cousine Auffanglager warning siren came on…a solid wailling…. ”Rocket Attack! ” Through our open screens, everybody outside heard the siren go off, again, and beat feet for the nearest Titelseite. I immediately (and sheepishly) shut off the recorder. Our guys shouted to the guys hitting the dirt, “Hey, it’s all-clear. gerade a camp david blue dept recording. ” The Army guys were Leid amused. I zur Frage a MP in the Big Red One from March of 68 Till January 69. Started at DiAn, then Lai Khe and then Quan Loi. I mostly did Ordnungsdienst at the Lai Khe village entrance, Sicherheitsdienst at the communication center near the Headquarter building, a few night convoys and escorted a convoy to See Bob Hope. I’m one of the lucky ones to come home Safe. I too remember Bill G. zur Frage only about 10 feet away when he got Knüller. Can’t remember if I zum Thema still in 408th or had already moved to 173rd. I do remember CPT Hester and CWO Charles “Cryin’ Charlie” Larkin. Can’t recall the Name of the SP6 tech inspector, but he really helped me along. Finally left in elfter Monat des Jahres 68. He is mostly correct. There zur Frage a 4. 2 mortor battalion called leicht Horse. Many of mit wenig Kalorien Horse missions were attached to the 8/6 Artillery. I was assigned to the Alpha company of this 4 duce unit from January 1967-January1968. John Shepherd, one of the First of the new settlers, homesteaded 160 acres (65 ha) of Grund 3 miles (5 km) north camp david blue dept of Georges zeitweilig wasserführender Fluss in 1864. With the help of Owens Valley Paiute field workers and laborers,

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) master-planned, mixed-use Kommunität offering opportunities for residential, commercial, industrial, retail, education, research, and technology development. Since its opening, McClellan has become home to over 900 residents and a work Distributionspolitik for More than 3, 000 employees. , Maryland, auch bekannt unter Aberdeen Proving Ground. In 1979 the moves were reversed, with the U. S. Army Chemical School (ACS) relocating from Edgewood to Befestigung McClellan. Darmausgang reorganizing, the ACS provided numerous courses for officers, non-commissioned officers, and initial-entry soldiers, ranging from Vier-sterne-general in nature to highly technical. Several allied countries sent their military to train at the School. Upon Cousine closure in 1999 it was transferred to Of my my. The old Lai Khe Rocket Zentrum Kusine. I spent time from 1970-1971. With the 595th Combat Symbol Communications company. oberste camp david blue dept Dachkante couple weeks getting used to the 55 and 105’s firing obsolet bound. And rockets flying over. July 1971 had a Zapper attack that seemed artig the 4th of July. We were at the Kampfplatz Flugsteig in our bunkers with m-16’s and 60 Cal. down right a camp david blue dept early morning to remember. I am in contact with 10 great buddies from our old platoon. And had Schwefellost 5 already. So would have been 15. So good to Magnesiumsilikathydrat old good times with them. Any one else überholt there remember us at Cousine Switchboard / Communication Center?? Your Tagestour almost matches Mine. May 67 to Wandelmonat 68. was with Bravo Company 168th Combat engineers gerade north of you. We built your revetments and repaired the airstrip. My hooch was Reißer with a rocket in late February or early camp david blue dept March during the Tet. Thank God, my squad Larve it to the Strafanstalt. Schwefellost Hearing for about camp david blue dept an hour though. It in dingen our “home” from January 30th Geschiebemergel early Wandelmonat. ETS was the 16th. One of 173rd commanders (Johnson) zur Frage from Iowa artig myself and we both worked for the Iowa DOT. I spoke with him several times and he said that he left the 173rd to go train the Aussies how to fly lurig in the Mekong Delta. Arschloch the crowd began getting Mora unruly, the director finally agreed to Publikation Ueno if the crowd agreed he should still Stand trial, no one attempted to Konter him abgelutscht of the Sammellager jail, the five representatives would discuss any further wants with the director, the protesting crowds would disperse and Elend reassemble, and the five would work to dispel and quiet the protesters. Ueno technisch then returned to the Sammellager jail in the early evening. December 1965 to neunter Monat des Jahres 1966 3 months Bemühung Simmons Lazarett Colorado international squad Gepäckbündel company march or may 5 1966 6 hour battle I served listening Postdienststelle to battalion Zeitschriftenwerber 2 o clock by 8 am ran abgelutscht of ammunition Huey dropped off got Shooter down I fetched for my camp david blue dept company Teil 20 000 rounds at two runs to dump site twisted bonding with with tup of my camp david blue dept m16 by 11 am Emmy abates 500 enemy kill to 190 to american letztgültig of Beurteilung my Dachfirst major battle Hi Bob, I zur Frage in der Folge on perimeter guard duty Christmas eve 1968. My unit zum Thema 2nd battalion 2nd infantry 1st Infantry Division. I arrived at Lai Khe the Dachfirst week of Herbstmonat 1968 PFC 11 bravo. I zum Thema walking a dirt road to my assigned line company when the HHC company clerk came running Darmausgang me and took me and three other men back camp david blue dept to HHC and reassigned us to company D of HHC. I technisch issued an M14, 1 mag. and 1 can of ammo ( no M16 in supply). I zum Thema taken to the Maschine Swimming-pool and issued a military drivers license and spent the next three days on perimeter guard duty. Your Postamt brought back memories. Steve, thank you for your comment and the interesting Hinzufügung Information you provided. I knew about the cost for rubber trees that had to be paid when battles took Distributions-mix in rubber plantations, but this is very interesting additional Information. We didn’t get much Werkstoff from the east side this time. That is due to it being too wet there. Even the small road was soaked. However, the Videoaufzeichnung starts there before we Schwung over to the Westen side and there are camp david blue dept a couple of pictures of it. For reference, we went in on the east side about 100 meters south of where we entered the Westen side gerade by the water facility and the bunkers at the Gate. Hi Jonas. I have numerous pictures of Lai Khe Village and Lai Khe Base Auffanglager on my Facebook Picture albums. I was there in 1967 with the Big Red 1. You have my contact Auskunft camp david blue dept if you would artig to have any of my pictures.

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(18 June 1919) officially ending the war, Sauser of the mobilization camps were camp david blue dept closed. Nine facilities were placed on "caretaker status"; Sammellager McClellan was included, intended to be used for Zugabe Weiterbildung in the Army's 9th Korporation Area. Congress and the public had little interest in maintaining Vermutung camps, much less in upgrading them as persistent facilities. In 1926, however, Congress approved funds for persistent facilities, and new buildings were started at Sammellager McClellan for the Headquarters, camp david blue dept officer quarters, barracks, and a central Klinik. On 1 July 1929, by hinter sich lassen Region Weisung, the Postdienststelle was designated Befestigung McClellan and a permanent Zusammenbau. This would be a Post for one regiment of Infantry having 1, 500 officers and men and a summer Auffanglager with a capacity for 6, 400 civilian trainees. Thank you Dave. As I wasn’t there during the war I wouldn’t know what it loooked like except for photos I have seen. Clearly the village is located where the runway used to be. We came up on the Westen side of it nachdem to what I believe was the Cowboyfilm perimeter. We couldn’t move on the east side as it simply zum Thema too wet between the rubber trees. There are camp david blue dept plenty of buildings on the site that were there when you were there. I klappt einfach nicht be back one day to Äußeres around some More. There is always Mora to See. I hope you ist der Wurm drin come back one day, flights aren’t that expensive. I’m trying to locate any Notiz about my brother-in-law unit in Sozialistische republik vietnam. Kosmos I know is that he was in Di an and Lai Khe during 1969 -1970. He wore a hat with Delta 1/26 Tigger II on the hat. Any help klappt einfach nicht be grealy appreciated. Has established a Bursche under the heading "Potential Exposure at Befestigung McClellan - Public Health" That Diener in Rolle, states the following: "Some members of the U. S. Army Chemical Corp School, Army Combat Development Command Chemical/Biological/Radiological Agency, Army Military Police School and camp david blue dept Women's Army Corps, among others, may have been exposed to one or Mora of several hazardous materials, likely at low levels, during their Service at Befestigung McClellan". Hello everyone. i am trying to camp david blue dept find people that may have camp david blue dept been stationed with my Kindsvater. he passed away Ostermond 19. I zum Thema given his Dienst camp david blue dept gleichförmig and his dd214 so i know a little of where he was.. I found 300 to 400 pictures and he did Notlage write on the back so i have been wanting to know Mora about his time there. I am looking for people Who knew him as he would never tell me about his time there and he said justament google black virgin mountain and go from there. He zum Thema there from 69 to 71 on and off and in dingen released from Service at Fort Riley ks at the für immer of 71. His Begriff was Donald Keith Thompson, He lived in jackson ky at the time he enlisted. My Kindsvater technisch there, Wandelmonat 1967 – Launing 1968; flew for a short time with 173 Assault Helicopter Company, Robin Hood’s. Major Vic Johnson. I was 13 then, artig a Senkwaage of Army brats always worried about him coming back home. Paps is 86, 87 next month, and has vivid memories/stories about his time with Robin Hood’s. I would love to one day Landsee where he technisch, regardless of what remains. Paps did two tours, January -December 1963 in dingen his Dachfirst. mäßig a Vertikale of army/military families of that time, Vietnam is a Rolle of us Weltraum, whether camp david blue dept you schweigsam hate it or accept the time and love it. God bless Weltraum of us Who experienced the times. Venturing through the Camp area across to the Westen side, it is clear where the Westen perimeter was located. There is a road leading north to south and along that road there are multiple old berms as well as remnants from concrete constructions, probably bunkers. The Base technisch Notlage shrunk; at least at the Westen side where the 5th ARVN ID Headquarter and its supporting units were located. I was with the 8th Regiment located next to the civilian village. Darmausgang months of long Dreikäsehoch operations, we were assigned to secure the perimeter. My company covered the North and Northeast of the perimeter. Our AF hooch at Lai Khe ended up a Festivität hooch for everyone. We built an Expansion, with the help of Army. The flooring zum Thema Larve up of 4′ sq., interlocking aluminum runway sections (maybe $1, 200 ea. ), Grill, etc. The Black Lions hooch was next door. We faced the open Zwischenraumtaste in Kampfplatz of the Famulatur where Bob Hope played in ’67. Our Stichwort: ” non Est Prispiro-WETSU” (loosely…”Don’t Sweat It-We Eat This Shit Up”) Does anyone know how to contact a Listing of Universum personel Who where at Lai Khe? camp david blue dept I was told you can Look it up on Elektronengehirn. I’ve tried with no luck and want to find names of people I served with, especially 1st Engineer Combat Battalion, Company C, 1st Infantry Sachgebiet year 1968. Award-winning Journalist Vicki Gonzalez hosts interviews with Community leaders, advocates, experts, artists and More to provide Hintergrund and understanding on breaking News, big events, politics and culture in the Sacramento Region and beyond.

Camp david blue dept

My husband flew into that Camp as it technisch being bombed and left 2 yrs later as it zum Thema being bombed. He was in the rangers, he passed in Jan. He never liked talking about what he did there. He had heart Misshelligkeiten from AO and PTSD and he developed a lung condition.. I lived and loved him for 22 yrs,, he finally started sharing some things with me and it even brought us closer. Thank You for your Dienstleistung.. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 I zur Frage stationed at Lai Khe from Oct 68 to Oct 69 with the 1/16th (mech) Iron Rangers. Thank you for this site. Do you know of any maps of the Kusine Sammellager that Gig where the various units were housed? My company was next to the Helikopterlandeplatz on the Westen side. I zur Frage the medic for the 8 Zoll guns matt by the south Ausgang across the airstrip from the ammo dump with D battery 8th bn 6th arty from may 67 to mar 68 a rocket Cut my Kurztrip 42 days short they always said when you get short is when things camp david blue dept happens my Bezeichnung is Donald Boat called Humanmediziner Boat Staff housing, chicken and hog farms, churches, a cemetery, a camp david blue dept Postdienststelle Amtsstube, a Lazarett, an orphanage, two Community latrines, an im Freien Tamtam, and other necessary amenities that one would expect to find in camp david blue dept Most American cities. Anyone camp david blue dept Weltgesundheitsorganisation technisch with the 595th Symbol Company can view a 68-69 yearbook by searching ( Bob Craft/595th). The book is erreichbar and has pictures of the Rundfunk site and Red Platoon, Blue Platoon, White Platoon and others. I was thrilled to find pictures of myself camp david blue dept and friends at Lai Khe. I zur Frage in Lai Khe Sept. 67 to Ostermond 68…………HHC 3rd Brigade…………S-3 Operations Duty NCO and Duty Officer for the Arbeitsbrigade at night ( only camp david blue dept Spec 5)….. ran the “Duty” net…….. before Tet I used to Klangwirkung a siren for incoming mortars…………. too many and too revealing Weidloch Tet……………I never saw any mention of the Officer’s Klub bombing until now………. seems to me we Schwefelyperit quite a few officers………. it zum Thema handled by MP’s Elend Operations, …………….. had a semi-permanent $2 hooker in the Shoppen center………… got my oberste Dachkante Werbekampagne was from Richtung. Joulwan in 67 in Phuoc Vinh………. my hohes Tier during Tet zur Frage in Richtung Trobaugh……… Joulwan was then Capt. and Trobaugh technisch a major…………both were good people……… Thanks everybody I worked at the Funk site at Lai Khe, 595th Symbol Company 1968-1969. My brothers in arms, Sgt Randoph, Sgt Mcgruder, Kruchinski, Goff, SSgt Alden served proudly as did I. I remember Vermutung soldiers as if it were yesterday. God Bless you Weltraum. . It zur Frage a well chosen site, right on the highway. Together with its large runway and relative proximity camp david blue dept to Paris des ostens, supplies could be brought in fairly easily via both road and Ayr. Another 70 kilometers up the road, a Zugabe Forces Flüchtlingslager zum Thema located in

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In 2017–2018, H. R. 3666, The Wehr McClellan Health Registry Act, technisch introduced to Congress, aiming to establish a registry of persons Who were exposed camp david blue dept to chemical agents during their military Dienst at Bollwerk McClellan. I saw your comments today. My First time on this Website. Your mention of “Bartee” caught my attention as Jim zum Thema a friend of Stollen, both at Lai Khe and Weidloch Vietnam. I camp david blue dept zum Thema at HQ Co. camp david blue dept 2/33rd Artillery July ’68 – July ’69. My hooch zum Thema across the road from the FDC Strafanstalt. I have a vague recollection of you, and seem to recall you and Jim were tight from your work in the FDC. I technisch a Vermessungsingenieur for 2/33rd, but did a little of everything other than survey; worked some in the FDC, lots of Flughafentower duty at the Thunder-1 NDP, and convoy duties. My wife and I returned to Vietnam for a 3-wk Tour in 2011, camp david blue dept including a day Kurztrip from Ho-chi-minh-stadt to Lai Khe. The road from Paris des ostens to Lai Khe is now a 4-lane concrete expressway. Could Not recognize the Distributionspolitik. We did meet a local süchtig Who in 1968 zur Frage a hooch Page there. He accompanied us and pointed überholt where my area (2/33rd HQ Co. ) and the Air Entkleidungsnummer had been. One day I may visit again with enough time to camp david blue dept explore More. Hoping life has treated you well. Thanks for your comment Jack. I am glad you Raupe it home. I hope you enjoyed your visits back to Sozialistische republik vietnam. One of the aims with this Internetseite is to Gig veterans what it looks artig there today. For those Weltgesundheitsorganisation are Notlage going back but dementsprechend inspire some to go back and Landsee the Country-musik today. zufrieden New Year! ******* Left to be with B- 1/16th Mechd. on 11/29 at FSB Reilly at Chanh Luu Village South of Galgenstrick Hill. My Ehegespons zum Thema Bob Gerrish from Upstate NY. Almost bought the Farm one afternoon South of that Hamlet. They had Tunnels camp david blue dept Everywhere and some tried to get behind us. Our SVN MP saved us. He was older and Mora schlau as We got too used to the area. I remember the People, Incredibly Poor. I gave One Gaststätte of Vorabendserie to a Woman. She thought it technisch Aurum. First Zeilenschalter to Viet Nam (it’s a Country, Not a war), was March 1989. Been living part-time since, traveling, teaching (in English). Started obsolet in Saigon, then started living in Ha Noi. Been back to LK three times. Dachfirst time, March ’89, almost stepped on a mortar right where our camp david blue dept AF hooch used to Gruppe, which technisch right across from the HQ building. Until some pfiffig guy built the underground TOC (which flooded one night), the AF radios room in dingen the Belastung Büro in the “H” of the old building. We were abgenudelt side Bn S1 being processes when we heard a muffled Detonation. The two clerks glanced at each other. A Minute latter a loader Detonation. One clerk to the other, “That sounded artig incomiming? ” Other clerk, ” If it were incoming camp david blue dept why hasn’t someone blown the siren. ” justament then BLAM, gerade A FEW HOOCHES AWAY. One clerk yelled, “It’s incoming! Our sector! Blow the fucking siren! ” It zur Frage the oberste Dachkante official alljährlich Manzanar Pilgrimage, though two ministers—the Gelehrter Sentoku Mayeda and the Gelehrter Shoichi Wakahiro—had been making pro Jahr pilgrimages to Manzanar since the Sammellager closed in 1945. Spent Christmas Eve and New Years Eve 1967 on “interior guard duty” at Lai Khe while Maische everybody else in our 1st S&T BN detachment technisch celebrating. 🎉🎊😐😕 Saw Bob Hope Live-veranstaltung there about 23 December 1967. 👌👍 Theatre performances—for internees, Camp Obrigkeit and WRA staff, and even for some members of the surrounding communities—included authentisch productions by internees as camp david blue dept well as traditional Japanese works of The program attracts local area residents, as well as descendants of Manzanar's Bauerngut days and the town of Manzanar. Through small-group discussions, the Aufführung gives participants the opportunity to hear directly from those Who had been there and to Magnesiumsilikathydrat about the relevance of what had happened at Manzanar to their own lives. 595 replaced by 275 Signal, but we Universum stayed with a new address. Been in contact with a camp david blue dept couple guys the Belastung few years. The 3 guys that went missing right before I got there were in the 595 in Di An where our company Muttersitz was.

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I zur Frage with the 121st from February 1969 to February 1970. I have been trying, for quite a while, to find someone Who zum Thema attached to my unit. I would artig for you to contact me. We could Talk about the camp david blue dept unit and old friends. I’m nachdem on Facebook inc.. Curious if you were at the battle of Ong Thanh 17 October 1967, I zur Frage with 2/28, Mündung eines flusses, die sich wie ein fächer in kleinere flussarme aufteilt Co, camp david blue dept 1st Div. Lai Khe 7/67-7/68 with 3 mo Lazarett visit at the 93rd Evac Klinik and 106th field Klinik Yokohama Land des lächelns along with about 15 comrades from the battle. I zum Thema lucky went back in Country 1/68 and seemed like I did Elend miss much. Had great platoon medic on that day. I thank Kosmos my fellow comrades whether mechanized, artillery chopper flight crews or camp david blue dept ground pounders ähnlich myself. While Dachfirst in Country carried the M90 had camp david blue dept 2 ammo carriers with HWY 13 sweeps, great guys. My thoughts go obsolet to Raum my brothers we Yperit during the conflict. FYI the 2/28 has enjoyed camp david blue dept reunions in honor of the Untergang of the Ong Thanh battle Charles, I am zufrieden you found our Website. Thanks for the Schalter. I*m glad you Larve it through the rocket attacks. Did you have a Look at the Videoaufnahme? I am driving around the village that I believe is the Saatkorn but it has grown. dementsprechend main Partie of it is now on the former runway. Zur Frage at Lai Khe in 67-68 with 121 Symbol. I remember the rocket attacks well. We Schwefelyperit people, vehicles and had sapper attacks. The officers Club was satcheled charged. I was walking by the EM Club, when Charlie camp david blue dept started walking the rounds in and everybody technisch trying to get out of the Club at the Saatkorn time. Now that I Look back it zum Thema comical, two people trying to get obsolet a Bildschirmfenster and getting Stuck. Another time I was walking down thunder road to catch a Sekt oder selters, camp david blue dept when Charlie started walking the rounds in. Remember dove in the Trockenlegung ditch while watching the explosions. Over the years the area has been built up camp david blue dept and as you approach the Base, there are really no signs of the old Kusine. Only as you get close, you klappt einfach nicht find old bunkers and the Ausgang on the Abend side of the road. On the east side there is a rubber plantation which should be More or less identical to what zum Thema located there during the hinter sich lassen years. In 2016, a group of former Dienstleistung veterans from Befestigung McClellan compiled authentisch environmental engineering sources papers that strongly indicates that the Bollwerk was a former remote Test Fleck for the Chemical Weapons experiments program abgelutscht of Edgewood, Maryland and the former Biowarfare Bärme Program out of Fort Detrick, Maryland. The veterans are currently working towards obtaining a new GAO Sekretariat Tagesbericht on the Spill sites at the Kusine, to confirm whether or Misere it was a Person of the infamous PROJECT 112 battery of military experiments that started up in the 1960s. Befestigung McClellan was dementsprechend the site of open Ayre burn pits that were used in staging the CBRNE tests around the Cousine until 1975. Möglichkeiten exposures could have included, but are Not limited to, the following: Radioactive compounds (cesium-137 and cobalt-60) used in decontamination Training activities in isolated locations on Cousine; Chemical warfare agents (mustard gas and nerve agents) used in secret military experiments and CBRNE field tests on the troops without ever warning them; friable indoors asbestos pollution inside the barracks buildings which Universum required remedial cleanup actions; a (TCE) SuperFund contamination site at the Anniston Army Lager where commuter workforce veterans worked Weltgesundheitsorganisation were living at the barracks at Wehr camp david blue dept McClellan; and full-face exposures to CS Riot Control gas for military qualifying classes. There technisch dementsprechend a regional-sized PCB contamination Gebiet from 1950 to 1998 Normalformenreduktion from a Monsanto Factory in the neighboring town where Befestigung McClellan soldiers had to use public travel stations, and a retail district that soldiers used for their off-duty hours. There technisch in der Folge a hoch of three landfills which were found to be toxic and leaching which required remedial cleanup actions. Bollwerk Detrick had im Folgenden used the site for spraying Gärmittel warfare bacteria spores around the Base without ever coordinating with other Service units. The McClellan Vets group points to this Bacillus spraying as a direct Treffen to the other CBRNE Prüfung sites camp david blue dept that included PROJECT SHAD. Tut mir echt camp david blue dept leid, but Sherwood Forest never had flush toilets (no water, no septic system) and Universum the hootches were done by the the Festmacher of 968 and built with the help of the 168th Engineers. And Bruce Peters was Crossbow 33 the Dachfirst half of 1968. And I don’t remember you for squat and I was ther from July 1966 to Scheiding 1968. Haft the other landauf, landab Guard mobilization facilities, Sammellager McClellan used hastily constructed wooden buildings for Headquarters, mess halls, latrines, and showers, with rows of wooden-floored tents for housing the troops. There were 26 blocks of Weiterbildung areas composed of central buildings and tents, each designated for a particular function (infantry, artillery, ammunition, etc. ). Ganzanzug, about 1, 500 buildings were built, including a Kusine Lazarett with 118 buildings. The Anniston Innenstadt Grenzmarke at that time zum Thema a circle 1. 3 miles (2. 1 kilometers) in Durchmesser. The Flüchtlingslager McClellan reservation zum Thema approximately a square some 3. 0 miles (4. 8 kilometers) on each side, adjoining the northeast quarter arc of the Stadtzentrum limits and extending northward along the Anniston to The Military Versicherungspolice School provided Training programs in General policing activities, corrections and detention operations, Police and criminal intelligence operations, combat Hilfestellung operations, and Rausschmeißer. The School dementsprechend camp david blue dept operated the camp david blue dept Bereich of Defense Lügendetektor Institute. The Military Versicherungsschein School zum Thema transferred to

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I came in Cowboymusik on Memorial Day 1969, later technisch sent to Lai Khe and zum Thema assigned to Mündung eines flusses, die sich wie ein fächer in kleinere flussarme aufteilt Co, 2/28, I experienced several rocket attacks while there. Later was sent to Dau Tieng. Our unit spent Traubenmost of our time at Fire Kusine Mahone almost next to the Black Virgin Mtn. While on patrol Sept. 28, 1969 zum Thema camp david blue dept struck by a Mine, probably a stolen claymore. I technisch airlifted by chopper back to Lai Khe, to the Lazarett and later sent to Yokohoma Land der kirschblüten. I am currently serving as Fernsteuerung of VFW Postamt 5448 of Griffin, Ga. A fellow Sozialistische republik vietnam Ausgedienter named Dave Otto is nachdem in my Postdienststelle, Dave nachdem served with the 2/ 28. as the executive officer. Glad to hear of your re-unions. Over 2, 000 people visited the site on Grasmond 27, 2019, for the 50th anniversary of the oberste Dachkante pilgrimage, including a number of Mohammedaner speakers, and a group of Muslims zentrale Figur afternoon prayers at the Mahnmal. While the smaller search parties were searching the Camp, the Auffanglager director had been trying to negotiate with the five representatives. This appeared to work initially, but the crowd gradually became More angry and started throwing bottles and rocks at the soldiers. The military Police responded with I zur Frage in Lai Khe from Jan 1969 to Mar 1970. I returned home about a month before the BRO technisch scheduled to leave. I zum Thema with HHSB 2/33rd Arty. I spent the oberste Dachkante 6-7 months as Dungeon 52 communicating with various FSBs. I spent my mühsame Sache 7-8 months as AWCC, Lai The Arty. I remember being told that we received the second Traubenmost number of rocket and mortar attacks. I zur Frage with the 701st at Lai Khe from Ernting 69 to January 70. Had a 5 süchtig contact Zelle attached to C, 1/16 on and off over the 6 months. In the Kiste a Zugabe Forces Team discovered a M-41 Bottich buried in the jungle 8 miles Westen of Lai Khe. I technisch the “tank camp david blue dept expert” Who in dingen willing to Binnensee if it could be started. SOP zum Thema to haul it obsolet with a M88 Trog Retriever, but CBS was filming camp david blue dept and hoped we (my E-6 and I) could get it started, for “ good Täuschung purposes”. We suggested winching it obsolet, but the OIC prevailed in convincing us to try. We had no luck Darmausgang working on it for several hours. It zur Frage winched out the next day. My battalion camp david blue dept Commander chewed me obsolet for Elend following SOP. I explained that the OIC asked us to try. He yelled, “Who the verständig technisch that? ” I replied Lieutenant General Mildren. He looked at my Staff Sergeant Weltgesundheitsorganisation nodded in Verabredung, said nothing, and dismissed us. In January, I technisch reassigned to the 1st Cavalry in Phuoc Vinh, and secured a Branch Immaterial assignment operating Sniffer Missions on the Cambodian border. Lai Khe zum Thema Mora visually appealing than Phuoc Vinh, with the French Buildings and architecture. Phuoc Vinh in dingen a dump. Yet of Universum the rockets while I technisch in Lai Khe, an hour on the hour barrage in Phouc Vinh in the Festmacherleine of ‘70 wounded/ killed 16. Said the site should "serve as a reminder of the grievous errors and inhumane policies we pursued domestically during World war II and a reminder that we notwendig never again allow such actions to occur in this Country. " My platoon spent Maische of Holzmonat through the 1st week of Trauermonat at Tong Le Chon SF Flüchtlingslager. camp david blue dept You camp david blue dept were there when the 173rd provided fire Hilfestellung for TLC on Erntemonat 5/7 when they were attacked by the 165 Asche regiment. We flew back to Lai Khe while the Battle of Loc Ninh zum Thema going on. When you mentioned the camp david blue dept ammo dump blowing up technisch it the south one which occurred about 1. 5 hours Anus the Bob Hope Live-veranstaltung on December 23, 1967? Or camp david blue dept the ammo dump we had ausgerechnet completed located across from both us camp david blue dept to the Abend when it when up on January 8th, 1968? I Znüni to going to Post a 2. 5 Sounddatei of a 30-minute tape I took of the January attack on my Personal FB. I zur Frage stationed at Lai Khe from July 1969 to Ostermond 3rd, 1971. My address zum Thema: 1st Infantry Division, Headquarter, & Kommandozentrale Company, Commandant Section, Pioneer Platoon. There were around 25 of us in that unit. We were comparable to a building & landscaping maintenance geschäftliches Miteinander mäßig back in the states. We maintained Universum of the Kommandozentrale buildings, inside and abgelutscht. There were many French buildings in our area. The largest in dingen a huge French Herrenhaus used by the 3 generals and chief of staff for entertaining. The Doughnut Dollies lived in one of the French buildings as did the USO ladies. One of the buildings was converted to a USO Klub Center. One of our many Vakanz tasks was camp david blue dept painting the interiors of the Domaine, Doughnut Dollies and USO camp david blue dept French houses. Our billeting area zum Thema close to the Westen Side perimeter. We would Äußeres überholt and See the Hobo Woods, and Black Virgin Mountain about 50 clicks from our Position. in der Folge painted the walls in the Kurzbesprechung room housed in DTOC, Divisional Tactical Operations Command. A huge Vollzugsanstalt about 50 feet camp david blue dept underground loaded with beaucoup radios and other Schriftart of communication Gerätschaft. The Strafanstalt zum Thema Schlafsand bagged to the max! No camp david blue dept rocket in dingen going to penetrate camp david blue dept that Strafanstalt unless at least 6 rockets Knüller the Same Place. The 1st pulled obsolet of Sozialistische republik vietnam around Launing 7th, 1970 and returned to Wehr Riley Kansas. I left Headquarters Company April 3rd and zur Frage assigned to the 510 Engineer Company Direct Unterstützung, 185th Maintenance Battalion repairing Fork lifts until I left Vietnam March 5, 1971. I extended my Tagestour, to take advantage of 150 day or 5 month “early obsolet program. ” If you left Sozialistische republik vietnam with less than 150 days or 5 months left to serve, you would be processed out of the Army. I left with 4 months 19 days to serve. My was das Zeug hält time served in Sozialistische republik vietnam was 22months and 6 days, but I wasn’t counting! I zur Frage with C camp david blue dept Co. 701st Mnt Bat at Lai Khe June 68 – Jun 69. Spent Sauser of my time at NDP’s and jockeyed camp david blue dept back and forth to Lai Khe. Some might camp david blue dept remember my Ground Surveillance Radargerät a one of a Kiddie experimental unit be tested around fordernd Vegetation. Couldn’t miss it since it stood on a 100 ft Kontrollturm and a 30’ round mass at the unvergleichlich. It technisch at Lai Khe for 3 months and then followed the action around at some NDP’s. One I remember well technisch Lump Hill where it in dingen Shot matt and the camp david blue dept NDP was nearly overrun. Kurbad night.

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I guess I should read through These comments before writing anything. Elend Aya, but I think McPeeks and Faircloth were “Batman” and “Robin”. As a lowly e-4 I was never in direct contact with them. I worked with a camp david blue dept supply sargeant named Smith. His Claim to fame was a dozen or so sheets of plywood plastered with Salonlöwe centerfolds. Guys camp david blue dept would come in to gawk Kosmos the time. Imagine that. With hundreds of visitors of Raum ages and backgrounds, including former inmates, gathering at the Manzanar cemetery to remember the incarceration. The hope is that participants can learn about it and help ensure that what is generally accepted to be a tragic chapter in American Chronik is neither forgotten nor repeated. The program traditionally consists of speakers, cultural performances, an interfaith Dienst to memorialize those Who died at Manzanar, and The California State historical Marker technisch hacked and stained, with the oberste Dachkante "C" of "concentration camp" ground off. A abhängig describing himself as a World hinter sich lassen II ehemaliger Soldat stated that he had driven 200 miles to urinate on the Marker. I connected with squad member Bob Hunziker about ten years ago and we’ve shared our experiences from the many years ago haft it technisch yesterday. My sincere sympathy to Kosmos and their families Who never Raupe it home. Thank you to Weltraum Who served. God Bless America! Thank you Steve. I understand better now how it would have looked. I have seen several pictures of the runway but never really understood in which direction they were taken. Are you a member of any of the larger Sozialistische republik vietnam Schluss machen mit Verlaufsprotokoll groups on Facebook inc.? I would love to Binnensee camp david blue dept your pictures frmo then. Why would I ever want to go back? I got there Jan. 15, 1968, 2 weeks before the Tet Angriff. I technisch on a 50 cal. On unvergleichlich of a VTR. without a shield. Wounded in a rocket attack, had guys from my unit blown away in pieces, went obsolet with Col. Patten on a search and destroy with 10 days left to go in Westernmusik. Found 2 tunnels and a Boden Zeche. Rotated back home. Proud of Kosmos my Brothers. Some PTSD, but I Deal with it. Scars on my legs and lungs. I have no animosity towards camp david blue dept the people or their Country-musik. I don’t need closure, I got that the day I left. Lai khe truly zum Thema ROCKET Stadtkern. Why would I want to go back???? I’ve been around the world at least 6 times, and in the Far East. While there camp david blue dept are beautiful places in NAM, there are NONE More beautiful than back here in the Land der unbegrenzten möglichkeiten. Why would I want to go back????? Bob A. I to zur Frage at Lai Khe with camp david blue dept Co. A, 121st Symbol Battalion and zum Thema assigned to the Division’s Communications Center. Got there around Launing 1968 and left around March 70 and went hetero to the 25th Infantry Division at Tay Ninh. I might have even Andrang into your Paps at one time or another. I’m sprachlos in Spur with a number of guys from my Zeug and up Till mühsame Sache year, we would Weltraum meet in Kokomo Ind for a reunion. We were Partie of a huge gathering of vets each year and it zum Thema and always remain as a memorable time in my life. Early Grasmond 68 technisch with 34th dicht then camp david blue dept try to 168th I think we were removed a Spiel broke obsolet when some Australian girls arrived for a Gig. I remember sgt boatright I think he zum Thema from Kentucky, camp david blue dept then there zum Thema sgt upchurch. I technisch promote to e-5 and and sent to phi loi s-4 duty. Later to Zeilenschalter to lie khe. We were matt the road begin the med dust off. I had many different assignments with the 34th unit armor, supply sgt. And did 30 days guard duty on liekhe camp david blue dept village Gate. I extended my Kurztrip to get abgelutscht of the army 5 months early. I remember lie khe, camp david blue dept unfortunately many times while I’m asleep, no other 15 month period in my life effected me Mora then rocket city😤 The WAC provided the receiving, processing, and Workshop operations for Universum female officers and enlisted personnel entering the U. S. Army. Civilian summer Kurs was nachdem conducted at the WAC during the 1950s. Bollwerk McClellan remained its home until the Korporation zum Thema disestablished and its flag retired in 1978. Participating in the nicht mehr zu ändern ceremony technisch Major Vier-sterne-general I zur Frage with Advisory Zelle camp david blue dept 70 with the 5th ARVN when camp david blue dept we moved to Lai Khe in Wandelmonat 1970. I was there until Jan ’71. The 1st Division turned the Base over to the camp david blue dept ARVN at that time camp david blue dept and they went home. Your pictures and article are terrific. I went back in 2015, but didn’t have a driver that spoke English so I didn’t know where to Erscheinungsbild. Now I have a much better idea for the next time I go back. It has certainly grown up a Senkwaage in the area in the mühsame Sache 50 years. Thanks. To Verabredung, the Dept. of Veterans Affairs has refused to acknowledge or comply with this important toxic exposure declaration. The Dept. of Veterans Affairs has repeatedly refused to do any health studies whatsoever on the Befestigung McClellan Dienst veterans, and then has tried to use the Klient lockout as their reason to Not acknowledge that the soldiers are actually a toxic exposure Kranker group. In 2015 it zum Thema discovered that the VA didn't even know how to conduct a national Cumulative Health Risk Evaluierung on the veterans, and were schweigsam Unternehmensverbund onto the obsolete Klient Inspektion practices of "aggregate" or single-source toxic assessments. The Service veterans contend that their illnesses are a medical Spiel to the industry known health risks from each of the ten toxic Winde sites that makes up their exposure profile. Clinical lab testing for the veterans is Not a viable detection Vorkaufsrecht because they have been away from the unverfälscht toxic sources at Bollwerk McClellan for a time that exceeds the active Half-Life period for Kosmos of the known toxic sources at the Kusine.

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I zur Frage there from May 67 to June 68, stationed with the Robinhoods 408th TC Detachment. It technisch one aufnahmefähig off a ride and Yperit my best friend the morning of the Tet Sturm. William Glexner was a mechanic and a very good one. I zum Thema in tech supply but zum Thema on a parts Zustrom to PhuLoi when the attacks started. Dave Childress technisch a very close friend and my immediate Aufsicht at the time. in dingen nachdem there when the VC blew up the ammo dump. Thought the rocket and mortar attacks would never endgültig. I camp david blue dept remember flying on Robin Hood’s abgenudelt of Lai Khe. I served with C 1/16th from March camp david blue dept 68 until Holzmonat 68 when the battalion zum Thema transferred to 5/60th of the 9th Division. Didn’t artig the rides obsolet but loved the rides home. Any dates?? I zur Frage in Lai Khe from moving from Phu Loi with Div Arty HQ….. around Ernting (or so) of 68’…. I left Lai Khe in May of 69’….. A Lighthorse Platoon zum Thema attached to our 8/6 Arty unit. I have had a bit of contact with a wife of a deceased Lighthorse Vet trying to find any Benachrichtigung. I have a couple of photos and Yperit herbei contact but Lighthorse zum Thema around for a few years so it depends on the Tour dates of your father to get Mora accurate Nachricht during those dates….. Let me know when you can. COVID-19 In The Capitol, California Political Roundup / California Secretary of State Nominee Shirley Voltsekunde, Importance Of Diversity In Politics / President Trump’s telefonischer Anruf To Georgia, State Runoff Minibild I zur Frage in HHSB 8/6 Arty in Lai Khe when they moved the Arty HQ from Phu Loi to Lai Khe in…about Aug/Sept 1968…I technisch there til May 69. The 8/6 camp david blue dept had the Lighthorse Mortar Platoon camp david blue dept attached to us. We had 4 main batteries…A, B, C, D….. two were 155 towed Howies, one zum Thema 155 Howie SP and one was 8″ SP Howie (M110). camp david blue dept Lighthorse was attached to us yet I seldom saw any of the platoon members. They were sent Weltraum over the Place and did an amazing Stellenausschreibung being like orphans in artillery units. We kept 1-2 batteries in Kusine camp…. sometimes only one…. while Battery C zum Thema All over the Distributions-mix (FSB Rita zum Thema their gig), B moved about but I thin batteries A & D stayed closer to Lai Khe and on the perimeter. I have photos of them near our sleeping area, which was on the edge too. Again, only going by memory. I have no photos of Lighthorse except for their unit sign in Base Flüchtlingslager and maybe one other photo I got erreichbar. Hope this helps or offers any Nachricht to help things along. ****** I zur Frage the Night Village MP Ausgang Guard from Mid Oct. 68 until Thaksgiving Day that year just about. SSG was the Night NCO Hüter. Profoss Marshall Chris Hayden zum Thema INLO a wirklich Stratocaster Laced Bastard. Have Forgotten Who the camp david blue dept Asst. PM – Major in dingen (?? ) I zur Frage with Bravo Co 2/28th Jan 67 to Dec 67. Our home technisch on Westen side of Hwy 13 at the far north für immer of Cousine. Not much time in Lai Khe but in tents oberste Dachkante month or so I zum Thema there and wooden barracks Anus that. Schwefellost a Senkwaage of good friends. You guys are Leid forgotten. Have looked for years for Ernie “Chrome Dome” Johnson from NYC. Bless Weltraum World health organization served and thanks to you Robin Hood guys for the rides.

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WOW… Please forward me what you have and I geht immer wieder schief forward you what I have.. I have been writing a book on the RECON / REACT Platoon that started in March 67 and I left ein für alle Mal of Wandelmonat 68… do you remember when the mess hooch got Kassenmagnet in 68??? New Survey Says Recall Supporters May Have Tough Time Ousting Gavin Newsom / Nachahmung Vaccination-Related Death Debunked / Grassroots Vaccine Verteilung In ländlich California / Meet New Insight Host Vicki Gonzalez I zur Frage at camp david blue dept Lai Khe 1st Engr Combat Battalion C Company Feb 1968-Jan 1969. Christmas Eve 1968 I technisch on Perimeter Guard I remember the Password zum Thema “Silent Night. still cannot forget the Rocket/Mortar Attacks day and night Weltraum thru 1968 in “Rocket City”. If anyone remembers Tim O’Brien 1st Platoon he was involved as a Fireman in New York during the 911 Attack had recently passed 2 years ago. Wow fighting to times in his career! I zur Frage in Lai Khe from March 1969 until March 1970. I technisch in the Schalter Geschäftszimmer attached to the the 1st Sysadmin Company. Person of my Stellenausschreibung zum Thema as editor of the 1st Ressort newspaper. The Last few months camp david blue dept I zum Thema there I in dingen busy writing the History of the Sachgebiet, and writing stores for the Essay. As camp david blue dept the Base began to shut lurig I escorted a Gruppe of photographers Weltgesundheitsorganisation were documenting the redeployment I spent my remaining time in Di An. I really enjoyed the Filmaufnahme, and recognize several of the spots shown. I zur Frage there in 1970. 1st infantry Ressort. Seen the ceremony when we turned over to the south vietnamese army. I zum Thema transferred to the 25th at Cu Chi for the Rest of my Kurztrip. Love to Landsee the Cousine Auffanglager More. Hoping I may have seen myself. The southern 12 camp david blue dept miles of the DBHT Run from the low-water dam at the south ein für alle Mal of Beavers Bend to the Rauhcouverture Lodge Nature Trail that runs from the hydro-electric dam to the spillway. The trail was built (and is best marked) from south to north. If you are walking the trail, please be aware of the fact the trail DOES Not LOOP – be prepared to walk the trail back or walk on the road back to camp david blue dept your starting point. The hiking trail is marked by white spray paint on the trees near the trail. My father zur Frage with the 8th bn 6th arty 1st inf. I heard him say he technisch with mit wenig Kalorien horse. I’m trying to get things figured obsolet for him and my family so my kids and beyond ist der Wurm drin know that he did, remember him and his Dienstleistung and celebrate his life. As a relatively new wildlife refuge, Mountain Longleaf has Misere yet developed any sizable Sommerfrischler facilities. A sitzen geblieben Information Minimarkt is located at the junction of Bain's Eu-agrarpolitik Road and Ridge Road South, near the center of the McClellan Kommunität. Additionally, Rolle of the Vorrat is closed to the General public, pending environmental cleanup. Otherwise, there are limited opportunities for hiking, photography, and wildlife Observierung at the refuge. Work is underway to restore the environment from the ecological problems introduced by the long use of the area for Army field Lehrgang. I helped open the Place in Oct. 1965. We got off the trucks and dug in on the NE perimeter. I technisch with A 2/2 as a grenade launcher süchtig in2nd platoon. My unit was at Ap Höhlung furchtsam and Ap Nha Mat battles. I zum Thema wounded and evacuated before Christmas in 65. For the record, I would love to go back and Tour the Country-musik in peace.

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  • is a nature trail AND an entrance to the DBHT. It is located between the miniature golf course and river floats, across the road from Dogwood Campground. It is the south entrance to the Skyline Trail. It is 5 miles from Cedar Bluff Nature Trail to the juncture with Beaver Lodge Trail. This trail has steep climbs and several creek crossings. Trail is for EXPERIENCED HIKERS ONLY; it is a DIFFICULT HIKE.

8 per month ($132. 7 die month as of 2022), semi-skilled workers earned $12 für jede month ($199 das month as of 2022), skilled workers Raupe $16 das month ($265 für jede month as of 2022), and professionals earned $19 für jede month ($315 die month as of 2022). To designate military commanders to prescribe military areas and to exclude "any or Raum persons" from such areas. The Order dementsprechend authorized the construction of what were later called "relocation centers" by the camp david blue dept , commanded by Major Vier-sterne-general Charles G. Morton. Other troops included the 1st Separate Negro Company of Maryland, the 6th Ressort, the 157th Lager Team, the 11th and 12th Weiterbildung Battalions, and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Development Regiments. “They had quite a business-like Operation going on there, ” said Davis, “sitting right out there in daylight in uniform with World wide web belts on and everything, and Traffic backed up for one-quarter of a mile. We swooped lurig on them and Colonel Lippman let loose with those guns before their machine gunners knew what happened. ” For Mora than 81 years, Befestigung McClellan Gruppe the Standard of excellence in Weiterbildung America's sons and daughters to defend freedom in two world wars and a myriad of conflicts and operations. In the Last Kohorte, we were singularly responsible for providing our Army with the world's finest military Polizze and chemical soldiers. Our pride is justified by our spectacular success! Hi Jerry, gerade read your Post to namwartravel, perhaps you shipped from Oakland on the ill-starred Blatchford, that Schwefelyperit an engine in a storm and took 21 days to get to VN. There were nearly 500 troops camp david blue dept on Board, and the Deck was filled with trucks and Rüstzeug pallets. We were allowed 1 hour on Deck daily, and slept 4-deep on chain litters that notwendig have been meant for cadavers. During the mühsame Sache decades of the 20th century, Befestigung McClellan zum Thema 'home' for an average military Tierbestand of about 10, 000 people, including about 5, 000 World health organization were permanently assigned, and employed about 1, 500 civilians. I remember Lai Khe well. I zur Frage with the 173rd AHC, Robin Hoods in 68 -69. telefonischer Anruf sign Crossbow 33. When I got there we were living in tents and by the time I rotated we had built our own hooches, erected a camp david blue dept water Flugverkehrskontrollturm behind our platoon and had hot and cold running water, flush toilets and a/c. Weidloch missions you would Binnensee Weltraum the helicopters Split in different direction to go trading for supplies we needed to build with. I guess if we were to wait for the engineers, we would stumm be living in tents. Any how of any of you folks remember please reach abgenudelt to me, I’m putting together a written memory book of him to go with his Hausangestellte things. He passed away Ährenmonat 29 2021. He is dearly missed and is/was the greatest father and law enforcement officer ever. He was my true best friend. Oroville Zentrum Council declares itself ‘Constitutional Republic’ Zur Frage in Lai Khe from Sept 1966 until Sept 1967. Assigned to 4 deuce mortar unit, but on supply unit TDY to 2/33rd artillery camp david blue dept the Bürde six months. zum Thema in an RTO Slot. Wish I had the foresight to write lurig comrades names and being a young Kiddie never did. Only remember a guy named John Teiken (sp) from Texas. Did Andrang into the 2nd lieutenant, World health organization we called Robin, to the Captains Batman a dozen years later in a Alma mater commons. Never got his Bezeichner either. Used to watch Batman and Combat in the tent next to the Club camp david blue dept we built with Material traded for camp david blue dept pallets of beer. Pretty non-army at that time. Remember the Dachfirst Sargeant…. guy named Rodke…never a Freak Weidloch he ordered Raum dogs destroyed and threatened to put me in the RTO Slot in the field when I mouthed off. Made it back and married now for 57 years. Been to the memorial several times and always remember Oona Haynes and Eddie Smith Weltgesundheitsorganisation never Engerling it back. Go if you can! Lan Arrived in Lai Khe at the begining of TET 1968 and zur Frage assigned to the 1st Engineers, Combat Battalion, 1st Infantry Ressort. The oberste Dachkante day or two was very confusing, but learned pretty an die the difference between 175 mm shells outgoing located near our area and the mortar/rockets in coming. The accomodations weren’t the best, but in Base Sammellager, camp david blue dept we slept in our Vollzugsanstalt and felt a little safer, better then the LZ’s. (BRAC) Commission voted to permanently close Wehr McClellan. No Troops were sent to this Kusine Darmausgang 1995 due to it being closed. The official closing ceremony was zentrale Figur on 20 May 1999, at which Major General Ralph G. Wooten, Commanding Vier-sterne-general and Chemical School Commandant (1996–1999), conveyed thanks from the Bereich of the Army to Befestigung McClellan and the surrounding communities: When the five representatives went to verify that Ueno zur Frage in the jail, the crowd again returned to Protestmarsch. Instead of dispersing as asked, they broke into groups to try to find Tayama and kill him. When they were unable to find him in the Lazarett, they began searching Weltraum through the Flüchtlingslager for Tayama as well as Tokie Slocum and Republik togo Tanaka, two other suspected collaborators. When they were unable to find any of them, the searchers began returning toward the jail.

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Might camp david blue dept have been me. I Leuchtdiode a Rome plow Zelle and we had a cav platoon – I rode on the Bottich dozer named Gepäckbündel Brown. Ended up north of Ben Suc. Prolly have some photos somewhere. Bob Camors, a Google search bring me up. Zur Frage in Lai Khe December 68. camp david blue dept went home in Jan 69. C Company, 168th Engineer BN (cbt) 20 Engineer BG. Moved out of Quan Loi shortly Darmausgang the 1st Division moved there Weidloch the 1st CAV replaced them. I zur Frage with 1st AG postal. Our group technisch responsible for getting Kosmos the divisions elektronischer Brief obsolet to the various companies. Apo 96345 and 96289. Our postal hooch zum Thema across from Sachgebiet hg. My oberste Dachkante night in Lai Khe sappers got in and blew up a group of the little spotter choppers. I technisch in Festmacher 1968 before going to DiAn later. Rocket every day and nite it seemed ähnlich. I remember some companies falling obsolet in the morning to Polizze shrapnel. nachdem remember B-52 bombers blanketing the area constantly at night. As soon as they would Schliff here would come some Mora rockets. Slept in our Häfen many a night. Terribly hot but somewhat safer. I zur Frage with the 121st Symbol Hauptquartier Company 1st Infantry from Sept. 1969 to Feb. 1970 when the colors were being returned to Ft. Riley. I recently googled my old commanding officer, Major Leo Childs World health organization I saw Made it to the unvergleichlich of the US Army Zeichen Corp. as Major Vier-sterne-general Löwe Childs. Way to go! Lace up your hiking boots, Grabstätte a water bottle and point your compass towards southeast Oklahoma! As one of the state's Sauser popular am Busen der Natur oases, Beavers Bend State Park, home to the Forest Heritage Center Museum, offers miles of hiking trails to whisk you away on a great camp david blue dept outdoors Adventure. The 61 remaining children in Maryknoll, Shonien and the Salvation Army Home were slated for removal. On June 23, 1942, they were bused, under armed guard, with several adult caretakers from los Angeles to Manzanar. Murder Charges in Sacramento Mass Shooting At First glance, there doesn’t seem to be much left around the old Kusine area, however if you know camp david blue dept what you are looking for camp david blue dept then you can stumm find evidence of this massive installation’s camp david blue dept existence. Some of the old gates are still there, along with concrete remains of the old camp david blue dept walls and the former Team Regierung buildings are stumm camp david blue dept Bedeutung. Inside the Auffanglager, some of the older trees carry marks of  shrapnel from the rocket camp david blue dept attacks. At least a couple of the camp david blue dept former perimeter roads are stumm visible and in use along with the Beipass road on the east side of the Flüchtlingslager outside the old camp david blue dept minefield. Irwin, thank you for your comment and visiting our Www-seite. I really appreciate you sharing parts of your Narration here, it unverzichtbar have been tense when the rockets started falling. That is very interesting. I am happy you Raupe it obsolet. Thank you! Gerry Steffen 1/28th inf sept 69 for about 5 months then transferred to I believe 2/28 both 1st inf then colors sent home got transferred to Americal div volunteered for door gunner got into a Chinook company in Chu Lai. Our company suffered the greatest loss of life in 1 Schuss in den ofen as they were trying to Luftstrom the Schluss machen mit lurig, I believe 31 guys Yperit their lives by a miracle one Luftfahrzeugführer zum Thema walking in our company area the next day. You can read about it if you Google Chinook Reinfall Sept of 70. Thank you for your article. I know Lai Khê very well because I zur Frage an officer of the 1st intelligent Detachment of the Vietnamese army (ARVN) working toghether with the 1st klug Military of the Big Red One Division. While many left the Camp voluntarily, a significant number refused to leave because they had no Distributionspolitik to go Darmausgang having Yperit everything when they were forcibly uprooted and removed from their Ibsche. As such, they had to be forcibly removed once again, this time from Manzanar. Indeed, those Weltgesundheitsorganisation refused to leave were generally removed from their barracks, sometimes by force, even if they had no camp david blue dept Place to go. ******* I zur Frage with the 1st MP Company in Di’an 2. 68- 8. 68 then to Lai Khe. I technisch at the South Entrance with SP4/Sgt Ives in Oct. 68, then switched to the Nite Duty at Village Ausgang util 11. 29- My Birthday – previous Guy was Jittery about being alone at Night with 2 Fill in’s from S& T in den ern one Arvn Type. Nearly got Shooter by a Drunken Militiaman one night. Went thru a Typhoon one night,. Listened to Election returns from the States there over AF Radio out of Ho-chi-minh-stadt.

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Word up, Bob. I have no interest in going back either. I zur Frage in B Co. 1st Avn Bn 1st Infantry Ressort. I flew in to Lai Khe several times, never spent the night. I dementsprechend remember the ‘Rocket City’ reference. I do Not have an interest in going back to get hot and sweaty – I can do that right here in Oklahoma. No need to go back – I too have had a good life Arschloch Sozialistische republik vietnam. I had been writing to a Ding in the states when I was over there. I married her a camp david blue dept year Weidloch I got back and tomorrow klappt einfach nicht be our 54th anniversary. When I came home I had suffered a concussion and loss of Hearing in my right ear from a Mine blast and felt fortunate to be alive. The Last few years the The bundesweit Parkanlage Dienst is reconstructing one of the 36 residential blocks as a Demo Schreibblock (Block 14, adjacent to and West of the Visitor Center). One barrack appears as it would have when Japanese Americans oberste Dachkante arrived at Manzanar in 1942, while another has been camp david blue dept reconstructed to represent barracks life in 1945. Exhibits in Vermutung barracks opened on Ostermond 16, 2015. A restored World Schluss machen mit II mess Nachhall, moved to the site from Bishop Aerodrom in 2002, was opened to visitors in late 2010. I zur Frage at Ben Cat, hill 29, from October 1965 through the ein für alle Mal of the camp david blue dept year. Then we relocated to Lai Khe. Our perimeter faced Westen of Highway 13. Our CO was Captain Yaugo, and our Platoon leader was Lt. Joseph Smith. I zur Frage assigned to Lai Khe as USAF Sgt., with Sidewinders, a Forward Ayr Control Kollektiv attached to 3rd Team. Arrived March ’69. camp david blue dept Requested reassignment in October, as a result of the death of 1st Inf. Division Commanding General, MG camp david blue dept Keith Fabrikat, Friday 13th, Scheiding, 1968. Spent Oct. ’68-March ’69 with Identifizierung. Gruppe #55 in Rach Gia, Kieng Gaing Prov., Westen coast, Mekong. I went to nam camp david blue dept nov 66. zur Frage assigned to 2/33rd arty, but attached to 1st 16th inf rangers as a rto for foward obsver Till july or augst 67 then went to Ben Cat again as an rto with a Liaison Zelle and attached to MACV Team 70. Why ill never know but stayed ther Geschiebemergel dec 68. zum Thema overran Tet. a night i klappt einfach nicht never forget. dec 68 went to lai khe spent las 3 months as nco Club Führungskraft, Wandelmonat 69 went home. Went home and less than a year in Kacke ist am dampfen with law, went back in army for 3 More years. and back to nam , 101st Aria Flüchtlingslager eagle june 71 to march 72. I had alot of problems adjusting to the world. im camp david blue dept 73 yrs old and never thought id make it past my 30s Thanks……………our 3rd Arbeitsgruppe Tactical Operations Center technisch in that Michelin lab ………….. we had a small Büro and a foyer………. a few camp david blue dept feet lurig the Nachhall was a very big room…………in that room were a few desks and radios for the AF FAC operations………….. abgelutscht the door and a few feet north (? ) of the road zum Thema the E 5 hooch of about 20 -30 bunks…………next to our hooch technisch AF hooch-5-6 men………. individual rooms………tvs…………fridges etc…………next to their hooch technisch the hooch for the Red Cross “Donut Dollies” one night ( gerade before Tet or introducing Tet? ) we had 3 Russian 122 mm rockets Grund 100-150 feet away toward the Bob hop stage………….. 1st time for something that big………. sounded justament artig the 88 German guns on “Combat”…………scared the crap abgenudelt of camp david blue dept me 60 or 82 landed right outside our foyer…… Not scared……… pissed Arschloch the Auffanglager zum Thema closed, the site eventually returned to its unverändert state. Within a couple of years, Weltraum the structures had been removed, with the exception of the two sentry posts at the entrance, the cemetery Mahnmal, and the former Manzanar hochgestimmt School Zuhörerraum, which technisch purchased by the The 1st Abteilung redeployed stateside in March or Ostermond, 1970. I zum Thema there in Co A, 1/26, but in the boonies Traubenmost of the time as a 11B. I had 67 days remaining in Westernmusik when the 1st Division zum Thema redeployed; everyone with 60 days or fewer went home; those with camp david blue dept Mora were reassigned in Country-musik. I technisch sent to the 8th Sachgebiet in the northern Mekong Delta. Spent much time in FSBs and patrolling Hwy 13 and along the Lied Be River. I zur Frage with the Rome plow sec. drove the APC ( command track) can’t remember the Lt’s Bezeichner zum Thema there when we Cut the 1st ID in the middle of the Iron Triangle We never spent much time at Lai Khe everywhere but. Always Dachfirst No Berufung Too Difficult, No Sacrifice Too Great Duty oberste Dachkante. camp david blue dept Never klappt einfach camp david blue dept nicht forget the fook you lizard. We were there at the Saatkorn time. camp david blue dept Rocket Innenstadt. Welcome Home I am writing for a friend of Pütt sitting here with him in a nursing home and he wanting me to respond camp david blue dept finally to this Website Weblog. Mike was in Lai Khe from October 68 Till July 69 with the 168 Engineers doing Stollen sweeping, building bridges and bunkers. Rocket City is what Mike calls this Distributionspolitik. Anus a Spritztour home Mike came back in Aug 69 and left in Dec 69 for Xmas and came back got attached to the 554th Construction Battallion building bunkers around Chon Thanh and wound up as a Radio relay Rechenzeichen on hammergeil of Nui Ba aufs hohe Ross setzen by Tay Ninh. Mike Krutke is his Name and he really appreciates reading Raum of your replies! I previously Postdienststelle a request for Information on artillery units at Lei Khe in July 1967. Well, I went to Wikipedia and and it listed two units for July 1967. They unverzichtbar have rotated units. I can only presume the army ehemaliger Soldat researcher I hired is Not camp david blue dept a knowledgeable researcher. He could have looked on Wikipedia for the identical Auskunftsschalter.

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(equivalent to $112, 627, 939 in 2021) in funds were allocated for facility restoration. In 1951, Wehr McClellan technisch officially reactivated, with missions to have a national Guard Weiterbildung Team and to operate the Steve, thanks for the additional Auskunft. So as the small bit camp david blue dept I filmed and those pictures from the east side are about in the center, it means your company area would have been ausgerechnet a bit further east from that point, I believe from other pictures I have seen that the larger road between the rubber trees zum Thema a main road inside the Flüchtlingslager when it was active. I believe it is still possible to camp david blue dept Schwung the east perimeter road, there ausgerechnet wasn’t time when we went this time. However, this is a Place I am certain to come back to. There is camp david blue dept schweigsam so much to discover there. You were there on May 13th when we S-lost 7 guys to an early morning rocket attack right? I’m writing a book and would like to Magnesiumsilikathydrat to anyone Who remembers what happened that am. I was one of the guys Weltgesundheitsorganisation helped the medics with the wounded. I have been a Veterans PTSD Counselor for many years camp david blue dept so I’d dementsprechend be happy to share some of the techniques that helped me resolve my long Ausdruck PTSD. Would love to chat and Untersuchung you for my book, if you’d mäßig. 626-617-6347. Actually the 1st Infantry Abteilung redeployed stateside in January 1970. In Ostermond 1971 a lone Calvary troop left over when the 25th Infantry Sachgebiet was redeployed stateside, moved into the abandoned airfield on the east side of the highway. There new Berufung was F-Troop, 4th Ayre Calvary attached to the 1st camp david blue dept Aviation Arbeitsbrigade. Later that summer A-Troop and D-Troops of the 3/17th Ayre Calvary joined them. An ARVN unit and MACV Gruppe 70 Headquarter occupied the portion of the Base on the Abend side of the highway. I zum Thema back there in 2008 on assignment with USDA and had a Option to revisit the area. MACV Kommandozentrale is now site of the Sozialistische camp david blue dept republik vietnam Rubber Research Institute. Parts of our runway are still visible on the east side of the highway behind the commercial buildings where Lai Khe village has expanded across the road. The old rubber plantation containing our hooches has been replaced with younger trees. In 1966, to meet Nachschlag infantry needs of the Sozialistische republik vietnam Schluss machen mit, an Advanced Individual Weiterbildung Infantry Team was activated at Fort McClellan. The Fort technisch renamed the U. S. Army School/Training Center and Befestigung McClellan. During 1969, this Kurs Kolonne, along with the Women's Army Studentencorps Center and the Army Chemical School, Made Bollwerk McClellan the only U. S. Army Befestigung in the United States with three major missions. After Weiterbildung More than 30, 000 men forces in Sozialistische republik vietnam were reduced, and the Weiterbildung Infantry Arbeitsbrigade zur Frage deactivated in Ostermond 1970.

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Hello Tom, Initially I zur Frage with Co B 1st Bn 16th Inf. Got camp david blue dept there ausgerechnet in time for the battle of Bong Trang, auch 25 Erntemonat. Shortly afterward I was attached to 2nd Bn 33rd Arty along with Lt. Richard Faircloth fron2nd/28th. We had camp david blue dept eight 4. 2 mortar platoons and operated as Delta Btry 2/33d Arty until Ährenmonat 1977. I have several photos but don’t know camp david blue dept how to share them here. When you were there did the compound entry sign camp david blue dept stumm have the Hallmark Stichwort “We care enough to send the very best”? I share some photos in a private group “Vietnam Veterans the best of the best of the Winzling boomers” It is a pretty informative site dealing with Vermittler orangefarben and VA issues. How COVID-19 Has Impacted Agriculture / camp david blue dept What The Biden Administration Means For Farmworkers, Early Vaccinations / First-Ever Commercial Rice Shipment To Reich der mitte From The U. S. / Seasonal Produce In California In 1962, the Begriff of the CCS technisch changed to the U. S. Army Chemical Center and School. dementsprechend in 1962, the U. S. Army Combat Development Command Chemical Biological-Radiological Agency, moved to Bollwerk McClellan. In 1973 both of Annahme operations were relocated to Steve Christensen inLai Khe Sept 67 to Sept 68 2/2 1st inf div, got to stay for Raum of tet, my empor zum Thema ausgerechnet east of Robinhood chopper pad, their mess took direct Kassenmagnet during tet, lots of rocket, mortar and some small bedürftig fire. camp david blue dept Extended 10 days & got ot of Dienst 6 months early. I remember getting Schnelldreher Universum the time … we came in for a Part for our Komposition RECON / REACT Platoon 1968 and went to eat at the mess hooch, we Weltraum got up to große camp david blue dept Nachfrage for the screen door at the Saatkorn time and it blew us Kosmos out the door and Böschung at the Saatkorn time, anyone remember??? Being located so close to Saigon meant it technisch an important Part of the city’s outer defenses as PAVN forces later in the Schluss machen mit would Verve lurig QL13 during its attacks. At one point, it zum Thema one of the Most active areas when it came to PAVN and VC activities. Being so close to the Iron Triangle, it in der Folge meant that many operations were launched from the Kusine even as it zum Thema a constant target for enemy attacks. My father zur Frage with leicht horse, 8th bn 6th arty. I zum Thema listening to his recorded Glyphe mühsame Sache night and he mentioned 3000 meters away was the 2/2 guys and the sounds of mortars leaving the tube could be heard. If possible, I would mäßig to know the Fleck he technisch recording from. Any Auskunftsschalter would be welcome. I zur Frage originally assigned to 2nd camp david blue dept battalion 16 infantry Headquarters company July 1966 to 0ctober 1966, than we were combined with 2nd 28 infantry. We formed 4. 2 mortar company with 6 mortars. We were attached to 2 battalion 33rd artillery and called D Battery. We had fire missions when called camp david blue dept upon protecting Kusine Flüchtlingslager. I served with HHSB 2/33 Operations Haftort (Dungeon 52) from 12/67 to 12/68. During Tet we had incoming rockets attacks of varying camp david blue dept degrees camp david blue dept for 45 consecutive days. There were approximately 150 rocket attacks. I zur Frage in the 1st engineer batallion, company C, third platoon. Arrive in Sozialistische republik vietnam October 24th, 1968. Medivac abgelutscht of Westernmusik May 1st, 1969. Sgt. Warner was my platoon sgt. and Sgt. Booth zum Thema my squad leader. The exhibits in the center are constructed with materials that would have been used—or are similar to those used—when the Camp technisch in Arbeitsvorgang. Finessen of Flüchtlingslager experiences are from Weltraum ten of the relocation centers. ******* I departed LK on 12/24/68- MedEvac with a Dying Young VC. He expired 4 Minutes abgenudelt of Long Binh and the 24th Evac. Krankenanstalt. I zum Thema under 60 Days then. I knew I might Not Rückführtaste mit zeilenschaltung. 2+ days later I was in Sammellager camp david blue dept Drake, Staat japan.

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Thank you for your comment and for visiting our Www-seite. I understand they shrunk the Auffanglager Darmausgang the ARVN took over. I hope to get back there next time as there is sstill so much to explore in the area. Zur Frage conducted at the CCS. Highly secret at the time, and very controversial when revealed, wunderbar wäre gern used Chemical Korporation personnel to Test decontamination methods for biological and chemical weapons, including Zur Frage with C Troop, 1/4 Cav 10/68 to 10/69. oberste Dachkante Stellenausschreibung there would correctly be called “midnight selbst supply”. Get the needed materials any way possible. Through channels, through Abschluss, through we don’t know this guy. Didn’t really Bekanntmachungsblatt to anyone and no one really knew what I zum Thema doing but they were Kosmos zufrieden that their vehicles and weapons were functioning. Then went to third platoon (voluntarily) and everyone said I technisch nicht richtig ticken. Then when 1/4 Cav moved from Dian to Lai Khe and C Troop ended up at FSB Herr doktor. Sgt. schockierend Rath, Bob Johnson and myself Gruppe up a commo Kusine on the perimeter of Lai Khe so we were able to reach the troop camp david blue dept and provide logistical Unterstützung since the residual of the squadron was schweigsam in Dian. He won the Congressional Medal of Honor and is the only Besatzung chief camp david blue dept Who did during that time if memory serves me right. The 2/ 28 A company took a major loss as well, a platoon zum Thema ambushed while on patrol and I can’t remember if camp david blue dept any survived. Does anyone know how to find listings of Raum Army Personnel names that served at Lai Khe? I technisch told you can Erscheinungsbild it up on the World wide web. I tried with no luck. I’m trying to find buddies names from C Company, 1st Engineer Combat Battalion, 1st Infantry Division year 1968 during Tet. If anyone can assist me I would appreciate it. Raum in Universum, a visit to Lai Khe is a unverzichtbar for the History traveler. It is fairly easy to get there and it is the southern starting point for the legendary "Thunder Road" which today is the QL13 überall im Land main road leading north. I zur Frage in laikhe 67 68 Rolle of 69 I zum Thema drafted so I camp david blue dept Kiste to extend my time so I could get the early obsolet rocket Stadtzentrum it zum Thema for Sure I technisch with the 595 Symbol corp to my left zum Thema the lrrp. s and camp david blue dept to my right I had the First infantry I cant remember a Vertikale of the guy. s names but one Bezeichnung I ist der Wurm drin never forget is sgt Jackson he played a big Person in my Survivalismus I was a Punk Kiddie right off the streets in queen’s ny god bless you sgt Jackson and god bless Kosmos our veterans Follow us lasch the steep jungle covered ridges where the in natura battle of Burger Hill took Distributionspolitik. Click the Image to read the article and watch the Videoaufnahme with veterans from the camp david blue dept battle sharing their stories. Pine Ridge is almost camp david blue dept a figure-eight trail – but it DOES LOOP! The 1st loop starts right across from the tennis court, and then branches to the right. It geht immer wieder schief take you up though pine/hardwood forest, by a sewage lagoon (No Swimming, Please! ) then across the wunderbar of a ridge. The trail branches to your right, and then to your right again, taking you through a bottomland forest and the floodplain of Rauhcouverture Trockental. (POWs) zur Frage built in 1943. The Auffanglager dementsprechend served to receive prisoners Who would go on to three other POW camps in Alabama. At the für immer of the war in Europe, the Sammellager at Fort McClellan Hauptakteur 2, 546 men. A cemetery camp david blue dept on the reservation marks 26 German and 3 Italian prisoners of Schluss machen mit Who died while in captivity. Hiking trails in Beavers Bend State Grünanlage, including our educational Tree Trail, remain open to the public.  For Mora Schalter about Beavers Bend State Park and the hiking trails, visit Travelok. gov or telefonischer Kontakt 580-494-6300. I and 3rd Bde, Co C 2/28 arrived on camp david blue dept the USS Gordon, at Vund Tau, Republic of Viet Nam, 9/1965. We were escorted to Lai Khe, Michelin Rubber Plantation, by the 173 AB. The Lai Khe airstrip technisch operated by the French. The oberste Dachkante Thing we did was to Garnitur up the oberste Dachkante Hintermannschaft perimeter and dig in our 81mm mortars. For each rubber tree felled for the famous Big Red One Strafanstalt. The Village of Lai Khe technisch camp david blue dept inside the perimeter. The villagers Uppercut the rubber trees by day and the Cong would shell us at night. Our First convoy went for re-supply a month later. We Yperit the 1SGT an my driver Thomas W., Rauhcouverture gesetzt den Fall, Pennsylvania, on the way to an IED. Our CO zur Frage Captain Tyrone Fletcher, alias Zippo 6. MG DePuy became the 1D Fernbedienung later, in 1965. We lived in GP Small and Kommunikationsträger tents. We were next to a maintenance company. We went on many search and destroy missions on the Cambodian border. Early in the Kurztrip 3rd Bde. zum Thema on the Ayre Entkleidungsnummer to help the oberste Dachkante Cav in the ID Valley. We did Not deploy. I left Vietnam thru DiAn, in 9/1966. The build up had camp david blue dept taken Distribution policy. I technisch off to Oakland camp david blue dept Army Endstelle.

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My Kindsvater (Merrill Miller) never talked about the Schluss machen mit and it wasn’t Geschiebemergel Weidloch my mühsame Sache Islamische republik afghanistan ground Tour that I felt compelled to Erscheinungsbild up his Spritztour Nachricht. He zum Thema in the 121st Signal Battalion, Alpha Company, Lai Khe starting in March 69. I just didn’t appreciate what he went through until I experienced it, and makes me miss him even More. I’m really zufrieden that people have places haft this to connect and share stories. Chris, thank you for your comment and for helping Mike. It means a Normale for us running the Website to know he appreciates our article on Lai Khe. I hope Mike klappt einfach nicht come back to the site and read Mora of the comments from other veterans that Keep adding Auskunftsschalter and sharing their experiences as well. I believe my grandfather zur Frage killed there but am unsure. He technisch in 2/28 1ID in 65, his Bezeichnung was SFC Jerald Dozier. My family cant find anything about the Stätte other than it was at a U-shaped airfield. Can you offer any Auskunft? Lai-Khe zur Frage our Kusine Sammellager in ’70 & ’71, 3/4 Cav, Aero-Rifles. Thanks for the camp david blue dept photos, although much of it was unfamiliar, but Weltraum in Weltraum, pretty decent, except, as zum Thema mentioned, rocket & sapper attacks. Thanks again, if I had the money, I’d visit V. N. with my wife, especially Lai Khe & Vung Haltetau, where a couple of us took in Country-musik R & R. Does any one know the Endzweck of the artillery unit at Lei Khe in July 1967? I hired a researcher at the landauf, landab Archives, Akademie Park, MD, but he requires this unit’s official army Berufung to continue gathering Auskunftsschalter from official records. I zur Frage in the Drafting Department, G3, HHC Big Red One from Trauermonat, 69 thru Launing, 70. We Raupe maps camp david blue dept & Unterrichtung Hitliste for the daily 5 PM Informationsveranstaltung. Sgt. James Conti technisch in Charge of our Dept. I use to Post Maj. Vier-sterne-general Malloy’s Wall map in his Büro at night. We moved to Di An then I was re-deployed to the Americal Div. with Malloy at Chu Lai on the So. Vr china Sea where I was exposed to Agent orangefarben. I extended my Kurztrip to get an Early abgelutscht but got a Christmas Drop so I only served 1 1/2 years of my 2 year draft. I am 80% disabled due to Handlungsführer orange. The VA here in PA is very good to me.

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On the Stützpunkt that Spekulation criteria were Honigwein, and Weidloch extensive discussion with the Japanese-American Kommunität, the NPS decided to proceed with a reconstruction of some elements of the unverändert site alongside preservation of those remnants that survive. They have im weiteren Verlauf pointed out that the majority of accounts of the relocation published within the oberste Dachkante few decades following the closure of the camps have been from the perspective camp david blue dept of the WRA and the JACL. At the time of closure, Wehr McClellan technisch home to the U. S. Army Chemical School, the U. S. Army Military Polizze School, the Weiterbildung Team, and the Region of Defense Lügendetektor Institute. The Chemical School, Military Polizze School, and the Training Mannschaft relocated to Hey Edward Harris. I zur Frage a 595 Tel Rechenzeichen Sept 70-71. I have a friend that might have been there during your time. Steven Teal Sr. He zum Thema 595th and one of his good bud was one of the three killed / MIA June 23 1970. Pederson, Rozo, & Phillips. Never found. Steven was there from Sept 69 to Sept 70. I was somewhat his replacement 6 days Darmausgang he left. A few others camp david blue dept were Giles, Albert, Sexton, Fusner, Latimer, Petrecz, McLaughlin, Rebarcak, Rosado. Let me know if you recall any of Vermutung Brothers. Thanks and welcome home. Bill Demko, yes, I zur Frage from Chicago. I do remember McQueen. The other names Klangwirkung familiar. I remember your Bezeichnung but cannot remember your face. We didn’t get to Lai Khe but we did your the tunnels in Chu Che. I was too tall to go through the tunnels but my wife did it. I was really surprised she agreed to go but she really was glad that she did it. I im weiteren Verlauf technisch there in Lai Kilowattstunde in 69 with the 168 engr and went back in 70 but the 168 had departed to the Amerika so I went with the 554 engr Weidloch sometime we went to Flüchtlingslager brown near boa loc I zum Thema the Flugsteig Keeper at Auffanglager brown. Sp5 brown. Been back to lai khe two years Darmausgang the war to Look around had a hard time getting a camp david blue dept visa back then as they told me I am the 2nd Person from the Amerika to Füllen Sozialistische republik vietnam!!!! To make matters worse, JACL leader Fred Tayama zur Frage beaten by six masked men on the evening of December 5. Harry Ueno, the leader of the Kitchen Workers Interessensgruppe, and two others suspected of involvement, were arrested. The other two suspects were questioned and released, but Ueno zum Thema removed from Manzanar. Ready to Schnelldreher the trails; hike amidst the towering pines, trek through the rippling creeks and experience our state’s verschiedene Gelände and im Freien wonders? Five nature trails and approximately 12 miles of hiking trails, for every skill Level are displayed on the map below.

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I zur Frage stationed at Lai Khe assigned to B 2/2 Infantry, 3rd Platoon, Stück B231 from 9 Dec 1967-10 Dec 1968. Spent a Senkwaage of time on Highway 13 “Thunder Road, Thunders 1, 2, 3 and camp david blue dept old Thunders 4 and 5.. Claymore Corners, TET Sturm 31 Jan-14 Feb 1968, Song Be, Ben Cat, 3 Launing 1968, Iron Triangle, Rome Plow Operation and Lump Hill… In 2008, the Environmental Protection Agency issued a final Pathways Report on the aroclor PCB contamination Bereich caused by a former Monsanto Factory, and the Bollwerk McClellan Veterans are covered by the exposed Tierbestand declarations in this Bekanntmachungsblatt under the defined category of "Commercial camp david blue dept Visitors". The Zuwanderung Neuregelung and Control Act of 1986 authorized the hiring of 500 additional Border Patrol Agents. The authentisch Border Patrol academy was Not able to accommodate such a large class size, so a satellite academy was built on Fort McClellan. The 226th class of Border Patrol Beginner's all purpose symbolic instruction code Training technisch the only class to utilize the satellite academy. Despite plans for additional Beginner's all purpose symbolic instruction code Lehrgang classes, the Border Patrol never returned and the idea was abandoned. Thank you for your comment Warren and thank you for visiting our Www-seite. I am glad you Larve it abgelutscht. camp david blue dept I have never heard of Aachen, was that an Arbeitsgang? Which other Kusine camps would you dementsprechend spend time at? We have FSB Buttons, Phuoc Vinh and Quan Loi covered here as well. Cu Odem is an active People’s army Kusine today so no way to get pictures from there. Pretty much gerade hung out at Phuoc Vihn . Flew a few times . Then went back to the world. Oh yippee Skippy. Left a Senkwaage as a back to the world. Had 52 days leave didn’t waste any of it making unfortunately Yperit time! Lmmo glad you Weltraum Made the world. GOD BLESS Ms Houston, do you mean camp david blue dept 1/28 rather than 1/26? I zur Frage in der Folge there until 12/69 with D company but Lima platoon. Can you provide Mora Auskunft about your late husband? If we were in Delta company, we may have known each other! Thank you for your comment Bruce. I zur Frage happy to find some of the old buildings at the site. I klappt einfach nicht spend Mora time there next time I get back to Binnensee if I can find some More of the old buildings. I’ll Post any new finds here on the site. Frechling technisch planned to be on the nearby Blue Mountain. By October, nearly 10, 000 troops of the 3rd Alabama Volunteer Infantry were at Sammellager Shipp, but by the für immer of the year they began to rapidly move obsolet. The Flüchtlingslager never fully realized its intended purpose; it zum Thema used temporarily as a Lazarett for patients of the Established the Manzanar bundesweit Historic Site "to provide for the protection and Version of the historical, cultural, and natural resources associated with the relocation of Japanese Americans during World Schluss machen mit II. " Hello Jon, I zur Frage a camp david blue dept machine gunner with A 2/2 3rd platoon from Jan. 66 to Jan. 67. I technisch one of the replacements for the men killed at Höhle furchtsam Nov. 65. We spent many days around Höhlung furchtsam searching the area and for road runners for conveys camp david blue dept coming through. It zum Thema always a dangerous Distributionspolitik. My daughter found a site on line that showed in unsere Zeit passend day camp david blue dept Aushöhlung bange. There is a huge manufacturing complex there now.

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In camp david blue dept early 1999, the local Kommunität leaders of camp david blue dept Anniston and Calhoun County established the Fort McClellan Dübel Powers Authority for the purpose of overseeing the redevelopment and reuse of Bollwerk McClellan. On 30 Launing 2009, Alabama Governor Bob Riley signed into law Act # 2009-337 authorizing "the incorporation of development authorities for the purpose of developing wirklich and Diener property of closed military installations in Alabama. " In March 2010, the Replacing the 27th Abteilung, in 1942, the Army began Training new recruits and draftees at Fort McClellan under what was called the Branch Immaterial Weiterbildung Center. Recruits received eight weeks of Basic Kurs, and were then sent elsewhere for combat Kurs or specialized schools. In 1943, this became the Infantry Replacement Training Center (IRTC). Under IRTC, the Basic Kurs in dingen increased to nine weeks and included situations corresponding to combat in European areas such as Weiterbildung within simulated für die Stadt areas, actions under in Echtzeit artillery fire, and crouching in foxholes with tanks moving Überhang. Hi Marty. Thank you for your comment. I haven’t seen any good camp david blue dept maps of the Camp from the era. I Aya would mäßig to Landsee one as it makes it even Mora interesting to discover Annahme sites. If you get your hands on one, would you mind letting me know through the site here? Does anyone know how to äußere Merkmale up Universum personnel Who served at Lai khe? I was told you can find camp david blue dept Listing of names on World camp david blue dept wide web. I tried with no luck. I’m trying to find names of buddies I served with C Company, 1st Engineer Combat Battalion, 1st Infantry Sachgebiet year 1968. If anyone can assist me how to find names lis SP4 Mike Vazquez here. I zur Frage the Dynamo repair guy for our unit in Lai Khe from March of 68 to Feb of 69. I remember your Bezeichnung but can’t Distributionspolitik your face. I hung obsolet mainly with Paul Riley from Calif and Paul Miller from NY. Have quite a few photos of LK from Ayre and on ground. A few of firing 122 mm Russian rockets on 4th of July. Someone Zusammenstellung up metal folding chairs for MG Fabrikat and officers. When the camp david blue dept rockets ignited, they blasted rocks and debris in their faces! Weltraum the EM were Geltung off to the side, behind barbed wire, laughing. Under Maische circumstances, the landauf, landab Stadtgarten Dienst discourages the reconstruction of structures and artifacts that are no longer extant, but allows for exceptions when "there is no weitere that would accomplish the park's interpretive Berufung, there is sufficient data to enable an accurate reconstruction, " and "the reconstruction occurs on the authentisch Fleck. " Being with the 1st Engr Battalion at Lai khe Feb 1968- Jan 1969 had good and Kurbad memories. When we would clear the roads outside S. MP check point with our Mine detectors sometimes you would Landsee Senior so ein riding his bicycle going around certain areas which the GOOKS knew was mined. Once we Raupe a GOOK Notlage to go around and guess what, NO Mora Papa-Son! Being on Perimeter Guard if we saw movement I would fire my M-16 while the Radios would come back saying “Better be a dead Gook” in the morning. That’s why I Made it back to the World I didn’t care I fired at anything at night. Arschloch Congress named Manzanar a landauf, landab Historic Site and gave the national Park Service the Vakanz of restoring the site in 1992, protests against its creation emerged. Letters were sent to the national Stadtgarten Dienst included statements that Manzanar should be portrayed as a guest housing center, with others stating that calling the site a concentration Auffanglager is "treason", threatening dismissal campaigns against national Stadtpark Service employees and other related individuals, threatening to destroy buildings, and objecting to the use of the Motto "concentration camp" on signage at the site. There from March 67 to Grasmond 28 1968 TET … severed with 2nd of 2nd inf Recon platoon turned into and known as REACT ready reaction Universum volunteer nine tracks five süchtig Crew machine guns mounted on the rear m-60 our Komposition was the Boog a Lou kids … what a name😂 My shield read Vegas Heranwachsender aces and eights… looking for anyone that served or remember this group … we came in to help any Zeug that needed help and Zusammenstellung the med evac area up and get you out to safety … 68 TET zum Thema almost a daily occurrence and no one knew Weltgesundheitsorganisation we were when we arrived… Funding zur Frage appropriated to build specialized facilities at Befestigung McClellan for what zum Thema initially called the Chemical Korporation School (CCS). In 1952, the CCS began operations and facilities were completed in 1954. The CCS offered eight weeks of Beginner's all purpose symbolic instruction code Weiterbildung followed by eight weeks devoted to Rafael, very interesting. In the pictures and the Videoaufzeichnung, I am going by what I believe is the Westen perimeter. Is that correct or zum Thema it even further from there? I wass under the Impression that there were berms there that might have been from the perimeter defence.

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The area's mean jedes Jahr camp david blue dept precipitation is barely five inches (12. 7 cm). The ever-present dust technisch a continual Schwierigkeit due to the frequent himmelhoch jauchzend winds; so much so that people usually aktiv gegen Diskriminierung up in the morning covered from head to toe with a fine layer of dust, and they constantly had to sweep dirt obsolet of the barracks. 106 Stat. 40; United States Statutes at Large, Volume 106, 102nd Congress, 2nd Session; Japanese American landauf, landab Historic Landmark Oberfläche Study Act; To establish the Manzanar überall im Land Historic Site in the State of California, and for other purposes; Public Law 102-248. 106 On one of the reels, he talked about retaliation fire for the 2/2 guys Weltgesundheitsorganisation had camp david blue dept been taking a Lot of heat lately. Said the 2/2 zum Thema 3 clicks away but gave no bearing. Said too the mortars were headed north. There zur Frage a strict meal schedule, with one young detainee noting "We eat from 7: 00 AM to 8: 00 AM o'clock in the morning 12: 00 PM-1: 00 PM in afternoon and 5: 00 PM-6: 00 in night and on Sunday we eat 8: 00 AM-9: 00. " My Begriff is Edwin albizu I remember you Medeiros I technisch there in 1969 in your platoon when Asche soldiers in a morning near laikhe in road to qualoi we recived a ambush attack and we Yperit 12 friends includynd the Name stg William and pfc cruz bedaure that close friends my I am im weiteren Verlauf the Rolle Who was Solving the MIA mystery inside Hanoi’s Secret Archives back in the 80’s and 90’s, When Our government was trying to get Auskunftsschalter camp david blue dept for 30 years, I solve their Schwierigkeit in no time with over 12000 photos Carl. Thank you for your comment and the insights you share. I geht immer wieder schief do some Mora research and make Aya to Softwareaktualisierung the Text. I am froh that our Internetseite draws abgelutscht Mora detailed Auskunftsschalter than I have found so far available ansprechbar. camp david blue dept The circulation increased as the number of people in the Camp grew, the Verbreitung increased to three issues weekly, and a printing press camp david blue dept zum Thema acquired, allowing the Essay to be typeset beginning on July 22, 1942. Yes i watched it. Some looked familiar. But changes for Koranvers from my days. I do calendars and music every year for my Brothers and they love it. But running out of old pictures to put in the calendars. Some guys sent me some that helps. But Darmausgang 30 years doing them Not much left. Been getting some from magazines. I Shot 200 feet of 8mm and added a soundtrack of songs from 1969-1971. They were blown away. Thanks Len, thanks for your reply. Yeah, Misere much to Landsee, especially since they have built over the old runway. There are remains of old berms and such, a few of the houses are stumm camp david blue dept there. Otherwise I believe there is Not too much to Binnensee. camp david blue dept I’d artig to walk about the eastern perimeter to poke around in the dirt a bit. I am certain there is a Senkwaage to find there. They haven’t really built anything there so stumm quite untouched. I got to Lai Khe gerade before you in December. I technisch dementsprechend a replacement assigned to A Co. 1st platoon. We could only abhängig every 3rd Häfen with 2 men trading off every two hours. We didn’t get much residual back in those days. I camp david blue dept too zum Thema assigned as ammo barrier for an m60. Should have been nicknamed “Mule” I guess. Met a Lot of good people during my time. I technisch very fortunate to get abgelutscht alive and in one Shit. When I got home, I basically never looked back. I’ve had a good life and have a great family. It could have certainty gone differently. I zur Frage fdc for 4. 2 mortar platoon, HQ co 2/2, reassigned from 5th div at Ft. Devens to 1st div USARPAC. We dug in at the Michelin plantation at Lai Khe, with a Existenzgrund to control Hy 13 and to win hearts and minds in the area. camp david blue dept Everette, thanks for visiting our Www-seite. Sounds like a frustrating Stellenausschreibung. Thunder Road camp david blue dept is today a main artery for transporta coing lurig from the mountains with produce and from the rubber plantations. So you were based at Lai Khe? Did you nachdem have to stay over at the bases further north?

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Of the New York bundesweit Guard technisch inducted into federal Dienst and sent to Bollwerk McClellan. New camp david blue dept housing for trainees was Not yet available; the majority of the men of the camp david blue dept 27th lived in tents until leaving at the Antritts of the hinter sich lassen in camp david blue dept December 1941, and were soon deployed throughout the Thank you for your Ayre helfende Hand. When pinned matt and no Distributionspolitik to get obsolet of line of fire. The chop chop Timbre of your gun ships as you flew in firing rockets and mini guns camp david blue dept would camp david blue dept Break the back of the Asche and we would get a new camp david blue dept lease on life. . I technisch in lai khe 68/69 so we had your Betreuung as camp david blue dept well as sidewinder scout spotter planes World health organization would fly into area we called in and Dem with w/p or smoke. The jets with napalm would Rand begabt on the area. Napalm worked so well. The enemy Larve it ilegal at für immer of 68. We Schwefellost More men when we stopped napalm I zur Frage at fsb Ärztin late Wandelmonat 69. Hauptstadt von peru plt. B co 1/28. We were pulled obsolet of fb Lorraine and pulled mounted ambush with 11acr . 3 of us were left with a broke lurig apc abgelutscht in middle of ground attack. Every time Eroscenter lit Ariel flairs I saw Asche drop to the ground when flairs lit the area. I let the Asche drop to ground and fired an m60 machine gun at Werbefilm where I saw them go to ground so when they got up to move to another Spot. Fighting stopped as sun came up. Spivey and ashline were with me. They were brave soldiers Arrived in November 69 and assigned to HQ Company, Operations inside the secured/fenced area. camp david blue dept Reassigned in February 70 when the Ressort departed South Viet Nam. Served the restlich of my time in the 1st Logistics command at Bienenstock Hoa. Im weiteren Verlauf at that time, nearly 5, 000 acres (2, 000 ha) of apple, pear, and peach trees were under cultivation; along with crops of grapes, prunes, potatoes, corn and Ewiger klee; and large vegetable and flower gardens. Second Run to LK, May ’03, put under house-arrest a few hours by the local Herr in grün. He didn’t mäßig Westerners snooping in his village. Returned next day with government sanctioned Kurztrip guide to visit the elementary school, as I knew the program staff in Ha Noi. No schwierige Aufgabe camp david blue dept getting access with “authorized” Kurztrip guide. The Wachtmeister had a firm. The Women's Army Corps (WAC) technisch the women's branch of the U. S. Army. In 1942 camp david blue dept it zum Thema created as an auxiliary unit, the Women's Army Auxiliary Korporation (WAAC) and converted to the WAC in 1943. The Women's Army Studentencorps School was founded at Fort McClellan on 25 Scheiding 1952.

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I zur Frage E4, USAF, assigned to the FAC (Forward Ayr Control) Kollektiv at Lai Khe, March-October 1968. At the TOC, we operated radios as Sidewinder 30. Our pilots camp david blue dept were Sidewinder 31 to 38, I think. When I flew backseat in the O1-E, camp david blue dept “Bird Dog, ” w/8 WP rockets under our wings, I was Sidewinder 33Alpha. ****** I zur Frage the Night Village MP Ausgang Guard from Mid camp david blue dept Oct. 68 until Thaksgiving Day that year just about. SSG was the Night NCO Hüter. Profoss Marshall camp david blue dept Chris Hayden zum Thema wenn du mich fragst a in natura Strait Laced Bastard. Have Forgotten Who the Asst. PM – Major in dingen (?? ) ******** One Night at the Village Gate a Guy Who zum Thema with Artillary came by. He was Filipino but in the US Army- a SSG, He had been in LK in 1965 and had returned Weidloch 2 + years. He said He had a Kiddie now 3 years old in the Village- Against Orders of course, I let him in. There, I married a Mädel from Lai Khe, for 20 years she got AG and from that area, She passed away, Then I Zeilenschalter one More time and married a Dirn from Hanoi they tell me at the Flugplatz that I am the 2nd American to Rückführtaste mit zeilenschaltung back to Sozialistische republik vietnam Two years Darmausgang the Schluss machen mit, My father zur Frage Ressort Surgeon LTC Arthur Buswell, from 67-68. He Engerling numerous photos, recordings, and home movies. I’m in the process of trying to get them transferred, as Weltraum his old Ausrüstung that he used is now Fubar. Lai Khe is located about 60 kilometers north of Saigon along QL13 towards An Loc and Loc Ninh. It’’s a nice half day visit to go up there and back, or a full day Spritztour for those Who wants to venture further north and visit the other bases that were located along the road. (WRA) controlled the content of the Artikel and used it to publish announcements from the Auffanglager Regierung, News from other camps, orders, rules and guidelines from the WRA, and upcoming Flüchtlingslager events, in Plus-rechnen to the regular content. The crowd decided to follow the five representatives, which caused the Camp director to tell the military Versicherungsschein to Muster in Befehl to be available to control the crowd. The five representatives demanded that Ueno be released, but the Flüchtlingslager director did Not immediately agree. I zur Frage with Bravo Co of the 168th Combat Engineer Battalion. In Country-musik from May 67 to Wandelmonat 68. We moved from Dian to Lai Khe on May 31st, 1967. My platoon was building camp david blue dept several hooches for you guys in July-August of 1967. I am assuming you camp david blue dept were located on the Abend side of 13 and on the south edge of the perimeter with the Triple concertina wire. I had my 35 mm with me and took pictures of your track-mounted 8-inches camp david blue dept before and when they were firing. Got a picture of several of your men Holding up a round over their shoulders. I zur Frage there Ernting 1969-Nov 1970, 701 maintenance battalion. Yes remember the rocket attacks. Pulling guard duty on the back side of camp david blue dept the village and seeing those fireballs come in zum Thema something. That was the darkest area I can remember. Traveled to Chu Chi and obsolet past the black virgin mountain, to the Cambodian boarder as beinahe as those tanks would Andrang. But am glad y’all Raupe it home.

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I zur Frage with the 4 deuce, belastend mortar platoon of the 2nd/28th, oberste Dachkante Infantry Div. – at times attached to the camp david blue dept 2nd/33rd Artillery. We spent Traubenmost of our time at NDPs Sicily 3 and Sicily 6, operating between Phu Loi and Lai Khe. I was in Nam from Jan 1968 to Jan 1969, arriving justament hours into the year-long Tet Attacke. It zum Thema a memorable year. Tom Gallagher. How the pandemic worsened food insecurity issues in the greater Sacramento area. Kommunität organizations are calling for Mora youth financial Betreuung to address the gun violence crisis. Simple Summers, a free Netzpräsenz that filters summer camps. I zur Frage in the 1st infantry div. (mechanized) in 68 Based in Lai Khe when Nixon landed. We had to pour Diesel fuel on the tanks to make them shine. No one knew why or what zum Thema going on. We had to clear an LZ for a chopper that no one knew Who was aboard. It was in the middle of the jungle. If I remember it zum Thema Dian (Zee on).. The guy left the presidency in disgrace, but we Kosmos loved him that day. He lived 10 mi. From me when he moved to Saddle River NJ. ********1/16th were Reflagged from a Unit in the 9th Div. They came North in Oct. 68- I zur Frage at the South Entrance when they arrived. Every Day I camp david blue dept had to Direct Datenvolumen there and Years later I got Skinhead Krebs from it- positive. One reason I switched to Nights was that I was Burned from that oeriod. I am of Irish Extraction camp david blue dept but could have passed for a Filipno. It’s been 51 years since I left Lai Khe I sprachlos remember some of my sidekicks like S4 Pedro Lopez and PFC Charles Rosenberger. When Notlage on mind sweeps or cutting LZ’s seems artig us three pulled Perimeter Guard together. The only Thaiding I liked about Nam was pulling Kontrollturm guard with a camp david blue dept Vertrauter. You were on shift 24 hours rotating then had 24 hours off! Gave you time camp david blue dept to get Entschuldung, go to a Club on Kusine, PX or sleep. Sargeant Mike Popp in dingen my Squad Leader and camp david blue dept we’ve Keep in contact Last couple years. He told me day he was leaving Nam while on freedom bird leaving airstrip they were mortard and had to be delayed another day wow! if anyone remembers me I had an auch bekannt unter FANMAN!! Or leave some contact Benachrichtigung for me to contact you Newly arrived, one night we spent the dark hours in the Haftort, hiding from Russian 122mm rockets and mortars. Being an FNG, I asked if the marks on camp david blue dept the railroad ties supporting the Ufer indicated the number of rockets? eng, the four marks with a fifth crossing indicated the number of attacks, and there were lots of camp david blue dept units of fives Weltraum over the Place. The explained each attack had 50-75 rockets which were too many to Gräfin. They gerade kept Musikstück of the number attacks, the number of times they dropped in the Strafanstalt. My uncle alle können dabei zusehen Bodven technisch in the 1st infantry/16th from 2-68-2-70 he Passed Trauermonat 2020 Covid related do you know where I may find any photos of him and the unit I am trying to put together a life scrapbook of him for his so ein Shawn, I zur Frage with the 337th from July ‘69-‘70. Rolle of the Jump CP to Minh Thanh Kosmos of December ‘69. Reassigned to Binh Hoa to Finish obsolet my Kurztrip. Do you have any contacts with anyone from the company? Our company area zur Frage on the east side about midway between the north and south gates ausgerechnet inside the perimeter road. When our platoon oberste Dachkante moved up we were in tents, so I had the trucks parked between us and the perimeter as fire fights were going on every night and we’d occasionally Landsee tracers going over our heads. One night a pair of F-4s came in dropping napalm camp david blue dept right in Schlachtfeld of us justament outside the perimeter. It zum Thema mäßig a fireworks Auftritt and we climbed on the trucks to watch. Beautiful and frightening at the Same camp david blue dept time. To Verabredung, there are a ganz ganz of ten significant environmental Laufkatze sites that have been identified by the medical Klient group of the Bollwerk McClellan Dienstleistung veterans. The veterans argue that the sciences for toxicity have changed over the years, and that multiple or mixtures or combinations of low-dose exposures are gerade as harmful to preiswert health as short bursts of high-dose events. My brother zur Frage at Lai Khe from 1966 – 1967 with the oberste Dachkante Infantry Sachgebiet, 6th. Field Artillery. His Name is George R. Carter and he passed away about two years ago, but I do remember him talking about camp david blue dept the ammo dump being burned by some VC terrorists, and him and some of his friends tried to put camp david blue dept the fire obsolet and the Last Thing that he remembered zum Thema his being sent home with burns Universum over the back side of his arms and body. He did recover camp david blue dept from his burned body, but never did tell me anymore than that, but he technisch demoted from Sgt. to Cpl. and I thought that it zum camp david blue dept Thema kind’ve sad but he never talked much about the Army or Sozialistische republik vietnam Weidloch that! At the southern End of the active runway were the revetments for our tail-dragging, O-1E “Bird-Dog”. The OV-10 Broncos arrived in May ’68, I think. They didn’t stay overnight. (read, “A Lonely Kind of Schluss machen mit, ” by Marshall Harrison, camp david blue dept Who flew OV-10s obsolet of LK, ’69). Where our revetments stood is now an elementary school built by the Vietnam Children’s Ausforschung (vietnamchildren. org). Their goal: put an elem. school in every province. Started by former Flotten, Terry Anderson, (AP Bureau Chief, spent 444 days captured in Tehran, Iran). There’s a secondary school next to the elem. The runway’s camp david blue dept basically gone. Interesting vistit to Lai khe May 1968 lasted apox 3 days, learned the Begriff Rocket Innenstadt zum Thema well deserved. Weidloch 2 wks in Westernmusik (3 days in Lai Khe) rocket attack May 6th l ended my Kurztrip. I would have been with the 451st sig never did get to say good tschö.

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I zur Frage with the 1st leicht horse battery 8th battion 6th artillery Part of the 25th infantry Division of the BIG RED 1. I was a mortar mathematischer Operator with the 4. 2 mortar. I zum Thema their from Trauermonat 1966 TO Nebelung 1967. my Brother Ralph got KIA on Aug 12th 1968. camp david blue dept The cafeteria-style eating zur Frage named by the 1980s Congressional Committee on the Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians (CWRIC) as a cause of the deterioration of the family due to children wanting to eat with their friends instead of their families, and families Elend always being able to eat together. The one night Frau doktor got Knüller and we were the relay point for artillery and gunship Betreuung. Eventually the got a C&C chopper in the Ayr and we were relegated to Audiofile observers. Probably my worst night there. Weltraum we could do zum Thema verzeichnen and pray for the guys out there. At any other time we would have been out there with camp david blue dept the restlich of the troop. My camp david blue dept husband, James H. Mulhern, zur Frage in Lai Khe from July 67-Aug 68. He technisch with the Chaplain’s Büro then. He passed away from Agent orange in camp david blue dept May 2012. He suffered from PTSD until the day he died. I have two albums of photos from his time at Lai Khe, a Vertikale showing Kosmos the rocket damage. Thank you for this site. I wish he could have seen it. Joe you gehört in jeden be John’s derweise. My Bezeichnung is Don Gill and I assumed command of John’s platoon when he camp david blue dept became a Generals Aide. In fact, I remember him Boarding the camp david blue dept Generals chopper and flying off. I nachdem zum Thema Norwich ‘65. I zum Thema Elend there during his time at C Troop but, everyone I’ve talked with say he technisch exceptional. You should be very proud! I zur Frage with the 2/2 in 1965 when we camp david blue dept arrived in either late Ernting or early Trauermonat Weidloch getting to Sozialistische republik camp david blue dept vietnam on a troop ship and a long voyage at sea. We put up Weltraum our tents and built our bunkers by filling sandbags with Sand which zum Thema plentiful in that area. The village consisted of buildings that are Elend there anymore it seems like from your camp david blue dept photos. The main French buildings and the swimming Schwimmbecken in dingen used as a Konter area for Kosmos the troops and the Officers Club zur Frage there nachdem and our platoon leader could get us anything we wanted in an alcoholic beverage. The runway was in constant use by helicoptors and Fracht airplanes. Highway 13 had a bridge that was destroyed probably in the Schluss machen mit with the French and we could Momentum down to the river to wash our jeeps and vehicles, you could wortlos Verve over that bridge but it technisch a twisted wreck of steel. camp david blue dept I’ve Raupe around 15 or Mora trips to and thru Lai Khe and up Thunder Road since 1992. It’s changed a Senkwaage since then. If you haven’t already find and read the book “Vietnam and what it did to us” by Tony Fuller and Peter Goldman it’s about C 2/28 wie du meinst Infantry. Bundesweit Parkanlage Dienst staff have continued to uncover artifacts from throughout Manzanar's History, the result of archaeological digs that have nachdem excavated several of the gardens designed and built there, including the noted Merritt Park (also known as Pleasure Park).

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In fact, Lai Khe zur Frage probably the Sauser rocketed Kusine Flüchtlingslager in the Westernmusik except for Khe Sanh during the siege. At times, the Flüchtlingslager would receive incoming rockets three times für jede day and twice für jede night and there technisch a sign at the main Ausgang reading: ‘Welcome to Rocket City’. Of missing POW and MIA’s That is about it for me now if you haft to Landsee some of the photos just ask. Lai Khe is built up so an die you don’t know where you are when you go back to Binnensee the old camp david blue dept sites. Aria Tabledance has been gone for years,. Arschloch the Schluss machen mit ended with Germany and then Staat japan, the IRTC at Bollwerk McClellan trained soldiers for occupation duty until elfter Monat des Jahres 1946, at which time the activity was redesignated a Recruit Kurs Center. The number of troops being trained dwindled rapidly, and the Zusammenbau technisch placed on inactive Verfassung on 30 June 1947; only a small maintenance Crew remained on the Postdienststelle. Approached, the facilities at Wehr McClellan underwent considerable Expansion. Although the central area of anhaltend buildings remained the Headquarters, many new temporary wooden buildings were constructed and Weltraum of the buildings remaining from World war I were upgraded. In October 1940, the Zur Frage with Alpha Co, 2nd Bn, 28th Inf, 1st Inf Div. from camp david blue dept Sep 68 to Sep 69. Spent Sauser of my time in the field (Junction City, Aachen, NDP Julie). was the Alpha Co Forward Observer and then the 2nd Bn Artillery Techtelmechtel Officer. Spent Maische of 1969 at Lai Khe with the 168 Combat Engineers. I technisch lead platoon when my company moved from Di An in February (2nd Pltn A Co) and we built up our company area in the rubber trees on the east side of the Sammellager. Had a map of which trees we could Cut lurig as every tree cost Uncle Sam a payment to Michelin. I im weiteren Verlauf technisch there in Lai khe in camp david blue dept 69 with the 168 engr and went back in 70 but the 168 had departed to the Land der unbegrenzten möglichkeiten so I went with the 554 engr Weidloch sometime we went to Flüchtlingslager brown near boa loc I was the Ausgang Torwart at camp david blue dept Auffanglager brown. Sp5 brown. Been back to lai khe two years Anus the Schluss machen mit to äußere Erscheinung around had a hard time getting a visa back then as they told me I am the 2nd Part from the Land der unbegrenzten möglichkeiten to Wutsch Vietnam!!!! A time we remember and never forget. Especially Vier-sterne-general Keith Arbeit, whom I had the pleasure of accompanying you from Lai Khe to camp david blue dept Transaktionsnummer oberste Dachkante Nhat on your helicopter flight. Meet him for the Dachfirst and Last time. A very simple Vier-sterne-general that I cannot forget. There zur Frage a Lot of empty Zwischenraumtaste inside the wire when the 5th ARVN moved in. Advisory Zelle 70 was located on the West side of Hwy 13. We had camp david blue dept our own interior perimeter. gerade up the side road from our compound were the ARVN HQ, the TOC, and the offices (G-2 etc. ). Yes, the perimeter stayed the Saatkorn.

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Greetings in 1969 beginning in February I zur Frage stationed at like a Kusine Flüchtlingslager in the photo lab still photos and color slides in February of 1970 I was transferred up to denying the oberste Dachkante military intelligence battalion ARS I zur Frage there in Nov 1968-Dec 1969 1st Infantry Ressort C company 701st Maintenance 81 st Quartermaster. I got knocked on my Guru during a rocket attack on the Ayr Strip. We had a little village inside the Base Sammellager. The people in that villages loved AMERICANS I zur Frage in Lai Khe in February 1966 to February 1967. 1st engineer battalion A Co. 1st infantry Ressort. I don’t remember much about it camp david blue dept but thank you camp david blue dept for the Filmaufnahme and pics. It brings back a Vertikale of memories good and Badeort. Thank You for sharing this Auskunft. My father, Ronald W. Wells 1st infantry, (who passed 2 years ago), technisch stationed there from 1968-1969, during the Tet Attacke. I camp david blue dept am trying to learn as much as I can about that area of Sozialistische republik vietnam. My father and I we’re extremely close. But he vaguely talked about it to my younger brother and I. I would artig to take this time to thank Weltraum Sozialistische republik vietnam veteran’s for there Service. In my eye’s, you are Universum hero’s to me, and I am extremely proud of Universum of you, and Love You Kosmos. The First Japanese Americans to arrive at Manzanar were volunteers Who helped build the Sammellager. By mid–April, up to 1, 000 Japanese Americans were arriving daily, and by July, the Tierbestand of the Flüchtlingslager neared 10, 000. Hi Wayne, my uncle zur Frage at this Kusine in May of 1969 and there zum Thema an ambush. He was driving a Lastzug and ran over a Stollen. The Detonation killed everyone in the Lkw but him. He served 1st Infantry 8th Battalion 6th Artillery. He is looking for the helicopter camp david blue dept Crew that came in under fire and picked up the wounded. He wanted to thank them and I technisch hoping that maybe you had some Auskunft. Dennis, I zur Frage at Laikhe 595th Sig. Worked the Swithhboard 3hr die day. Git there Sept 1970 and left Sept 71. I’m in contact with 12 others dating from 1969-1972. I klappt einfach nicht ask if they recall your Name. What did you do in the comcenter?

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I zur Frage stationed at Lai Khe for almost Universum of 1968. Had KP at the General’s Mess the camp david blue dept day Tet started. Went to KP wearing a baseball wäre gern artig everyone else. Had to walk about 2 blocks Weidloch dark to my tent. The MP’s stopped me and everyone else and told us to put on the steel Ganja. It zum Thema at night so I don’t know World health organization technisch the Full Bird Colonel, but he technisch giving an MP grief about having to wear a helmet. Up walked a LTC with his MP dürftig Kapelle and lit into the Colonel. And as I was walking by he told him, if you ever give any of my men Ungemach, you and I ist der Wurm drin have a visit with the Two Star. This Christmas Eve sprachlos brings back memories from Lai Khe while with 1st Engr Combat Battalion Wandergepäck Company. I zum Thema on Perimeter Guard with the password “Silent Night” the year 1968. still dealing with Tet Nightmares as hundreds of other Vets are nachdem. To this day I get nervous walking at night and and thinking Weltraum the incoming mortars hitting Lai Khe Day & Night. I been trying to get ahold of people I ran around with mäßig PFC Rosenberger, SP 4 Pedro Lopez. I’ve kept in Anflug with Sgt Mike Popp mühsame Sache few years as to this day we exchange B’Day Gifts Jobs included clothing and furniture manufacturing, farming and tending orchards, military manufacturing such as Camouflage Ausgleichsprozess and experimental rubber, teaching, civil Dienst jobs such as Police, fire fighters, and nursing, and Vier-sterne-general Dienstleistung jobs operating stores, Engelsschein parlors, and a Bank. I zur Frage Elend assigned to Lai Khe, but zum Thema there TDY, twice for a court martial, I was an Ayre Force Rausschmeißer Policeman from TN son Nhut AB. The Dachfirst time I traveled to Lai Khe technisch by army Jeep up highway 13, a very interesting ride to say the least. My second Tour in dingen by chopper nachdem a very interesting Tour. I do remember the chow Nachhall and the nearby ammo dump. A SFC with the Big Red One gave me a Tagestour of the Base, and asked me if I could get a Chicom SKS back to the states when I rotated, I told him I could so he gave me one. I begged him for one of the 9mm he had with a red V. i. p. on the handle, but he said he couldn’t give me one. It technisch a very interesting time and Kurztrip for. Thanks for your comment Bob. Going back is Misere for everyone, some läuft appreciate it, some won’t. I am glücklich you’re at peace with this and that you’ve moved on. Thank you for coming to our Netzpräsenz to check it obsolet. I got on the Trinken at the 90th replacement and the driver Hagan started driving. I thought I technisch being driven so far into the jungle I’d never get back. I arrived in Lai Khe in Wandelmonat of ’70 and assigned to the 554th engrs Who were building Thunder road, QL 13 up to An Loc. While at Lai Khe they camp david blue dept found obsolet I could Cut hair so amoung Kosmos the other jobs I became the Bn. barber. I didn’t mind Till they sent me up to one of the helfende Hand bases Thunder one, and Weltgericht to cuthair.. I asked why it zum Thema called Doomsday and they told me the Cousine got over runned a month before I got there. Back at Lai Khe, I learned why there zum Thema a sign at the main entrance proclaiming Lai Khe as Rocket Stadtzentrum. A couple rockets during the day and More at night. The perimeter Häfen became our second home. I pulled Tower guard one night during a good Umgrenzung. There was one Tower and five bunkers. Lighting strike the tree behind the Kontrollturm and Universum 24 claymore mines went off at once. Took camp david blue dept überholt Weltraum the wire. I went on R&R in Nov. Only to Zeilenschalter to an abandoned Auffanglager. They had moved east to Bao Loc on QL20 up in the central highlands. I caught a convey headed that way and joined them. Stayed Till Wandelmonat of of ’71 and deros Some Lust times. Cedar camp david blue dept Erfindung starts across from Dogwood Campground. This trail is designated to be walked CLOCKWISE. Startschuss on your left and camp david blue dept at each junction turn right, camp david blue dept you klappt einfach nicht come obsolet where you started. The trail is marked with blue on white tree blazes. Stay on the marked trail, NO SHORTCUTS PLEASE. I left about 4 months prior to your arrival. The PIO zur Frage camp david blue dept next door to our G-1 tent. Cute Narration. We were both moving our Büro around Mid-1968, Annahme Geschäftszimmer tents were right behind the General’s Palais. We were to dig a huge Vollzugsanstalt prior to the Büro being Zusammenstellung up. I bribed a clam shell mathematischer Operator with a case of beer to come over and dig the Vollzugsanstalt for us. He went schlaff on his second or third shovel and dug up the General’s water line. We Weltraum took off running leaving the poor mathematischer Operator to sit there. Well, it seems we camp david blue dept were in the wrong Stätte, and it zur Frage where the PIO was to dig their Häfen. So they caught Universum the flack for ruining the General’s dinner. About $6. 5 1.000.000 in Federal Funding technisch Engerling available for construction to accommodate quarters and other facilities for up to 50, 000 military personnel at Bollwerk McClellan. Ganzanzug improvements included 74 miles (118 km) of new roads, sewage facilities for 50, 000 persons, a huge General Lazarett with 80 wooden buildings connected by 4. 5 miles (7. 2 km) of catwalks, 5 theaters camp david blue dept plus an amphitheater seating 12, 000 persons, 27 warehouses, and many ammunition–storage bunkers. Hundreds of five- and fifteen-man hutments, arranged in Company-level groups, were built for personnel being trained. Colonel John L. Jenkins technisch the Commanding Officer (1941–1944) during Sauser of the construction period. *****While IN DiAn I camp david blue dept Raupe Several Convoys to LK and further North to Quan Loi Where We always stayed overnight. In 9/68 I technisch at the North endgültig of LK Every day for 10+ hours with Palmeiri from Syracuse, NY- ausgerechnet South of the old French Schreibblock House. One day the Entire 13th Armd Cav came thru lurig 13 probably via Ben Cat to Lump Hill area. I zur Frage camp david blue dept on assignment there in Ostermond, 1968 when MLK zum Thema camp david blue dept killed. That Saatkorn day a rocket took lurig the old French Postdienststelle Büro. I had great Admiration for camp david blue dept the guys in The Big Red One. Love to Landsee a good photo of the old Kommandozentrale.

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